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This what I have been up to

The last two years for me have been a period of learning and growing. Receiving my diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia only gave me two answers and I was left with hundreds of questions. In the beginning, I found myself confused and just trying to make sense of it all. I wondered what kind of life I would have now that I knew what was wrong with me, and now that I had just been handed a death sentence. I was confused, no one had the answers, and medical answers weren’t what I was looking for. I was looking for answers on how and whether I would be able to continue to live my life with two chronic and deliberating health conditions. It took some time but I slowly found answers and ten years of dealing with pain and feeling sick prepared me for the outcome and response.

I found those answers on my blog and on every RA and FMS blog that I have come across. The people who struggle with these conditions are the truest testaments and treasures to humanity that I have ever seen in my entire life. They are the kindest, the most compassionate, the most generous, and the most giving people I have ever met and for someone who has lived in many places and met so many people, I am again reminded that there is still goodness in this world.

I remember the feeling of not knowing and having so many unanswered questions. I felt so alone as if I was fighting a private battle. Because of my fellow RA and FMS bloggers, I found acceptance, and at first, it wasn’t easy but acceptance eventually came. I found myself wanting to blog so others who didn’t have answers would. I became so inspired by being able to send a message across that gave hope, and in turn, I gained hope. I found myself reflecting upon the years it took to find answers and the many times where I felt confused, alone and scared. Even after I had the answers, it still didn’t make sense.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Alliance Health for project they were putting together to help those struggling with the many forms of arthritis. The more I learned about the project, the more I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I became a part of Arthritis Connect because I understand what it means to struggle with chronic pain, fatigue, and the multitude of symptoms associated with arthritis that wreck havoc on the human body. I understand what it feels like to have questions, to be frustrated with inadequate answers, and to wonder if your battle is yours alone to fight. None of us is alone in this struggle but living with arthritis pain can feel lonely without answers, support and understanding.

This is what I have been doing and this is something I am very proud to be a part of. Please feel free to come by and join us at Arthritis Connect.

Of course, I will still be blogging about issues that affect many and how even though we struggle with the many forms of arthritis, we are not alone. People who understand are all around us. We just have to be willing to reach out to them.


One thought on “This what I have been up to

  1. You are so correct about the bloggers of our community, thank you for reminding us that there is still goodness in this world. I'm going to check out Arthritis Connect this week.

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