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I am in love with Peter…my hair stylist

It has been a little over two years since I moved from Pennsylvania and when I moved from my small town, I left behind my amazing hair stylist. Donna knew what I liked and what made me happy. She would sit me down and never ask what I wanted. She did her magic and I always left a happy lady.

Well, for the last two years, I have been on quest to find someone like Donna to make my life a bit easier. I am working mother and I do not have the time every morning to pretty myself up, get my kids ready and to daycare, and make it to work on time. That is where my stylist comes in. My stylist has to give me a hairstyle that is easy to manage when all I have in the morning is five minutes. Needless to say, the last two years have been difficult and tying my hair in a bun everyday was driving me insane.

Yesterday, I finally had it with the mop that had become my hair and all the stylists that had cut my hair for the last two years had left me disappointed. Yesterday evening, at about 7:30, I finally decided I had had it with my hair. I told my husband to watch the kids, got in my car and starting driving. I didn’t know where I was going and after driving for about three miles, I passed a quaint salon and day spa. I thought – all right, here we go through this whole process again, and how maybe I could drive to SE Pennsylvania this weekend to get my hair cut. It was only an eight-hour drive.

I sat in my car for a few minutes, and then, with some courage, I went inside. I told the receptionist that I knew it was late, but I really needed my hair cut. The receptionist told me that the only stylist available was Peter. Now, I had never had a man touch my hair. Well, I take that back – except the day of my sister’s wedding in New York City. His name was Mike and he did an amazing job, so amazing it was unforgettable.

Now back to Peter. I nervously agreed to let Peter work his magic. I was looking on some hairstyle books in the reception area when Peter came by and told me he was ready. I started to show him some of the styles in the book that I liked, and Peter took the book, closed it, and put it down. He said, “Honey, trust me. You will absolutely love what I am going to do for you.” (Yes, he did have his hand on his hip.) The chopping session started. Peter was cutting and I was getting nervous. I finally said, “Peter, are you going to leave me with any hair.” He said, “When Peter does your hair, you will love it and you will look amazing.” When Peter was finished, what I saw was an absolute masterpiece. He even told me that was a pleasure to work on my hair. Peter won my heart at that very moment, and Peter was my new stylist.


One thought on “I am in love with Peter…my hair stylist

  1. I'll refrain from sterotypes….LOLI know what you mean about your hair though! I haven't had mine cut in a long time…EEEKK

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