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Health or Money? Which would you choose?

I am a big old Sci-Fi fan. I love shows like Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood and Doctor Who. I never missed an episode of Stargate, BG, and Torchwood when they were on, and my DVR was always on and running and the Doctor, he is every woman’s dream come true.

One theme that stands out in many of the futuristic or Sci-Fi shows is the idea of health or the fountain of youth notion that some cultures and perhaps other planets have medications that somehow cure all diseases or to keep people healthy and living long lives free of illness and ailments.

Somewhere in a far galaxy is the cure for RA and FMS, and any ailment known to humanity. I know it is a silly fantasy to have but sometimes, I wonder if I could find that place and get away from all the woes of humanity – sickness, war, poverty, etc. Maybe Doctor Who could take me there in his Tardis, and my family and I could live a healthy and peaceful life, but in the meantime, I have to wait, focus on my health, my family, and all the other responsibilities that adulthood has given me.

This is a lesson that many have not learned and I have had to learn the hard way. If you asked me a few years ago if I would choose a million dollars or being healthy, I would have taken the money. Today, I have learned that my health is what matters most in the world. Being the richest in the world and having poor health is a useless way to live. So many of us are so wrapped up around the notion of wealth that we so often forget that money is merely paper. Money is not something that will matter on the last days of our lives so we shouldn’t let it bother us today.

There is always the argument that money can buy health but you can have all the money and accessibility to the medical care and the best medical systems and you still cannot have health. Health is the only thing that can bring joy to our lives. The way I see it a person has two options – living long to work hard to make lots of money or living a long life and working hard to watch your family tree grow. Which would you choose?

There are also many more things that out way the value of money: experiences, wisdom, family, marriage, friendships, spirituality and religion, personal growth, mental and physical health, security, helping others, communication, time, and thankfulness. I am sure that there are more you can think of, but these were the ones that come to mind for me. Money really isn’t everything.


5 thoughts on “Health or Money? Which would you choose?

  1. money isn't everything. but it helps to get the meds and treatment we need, and food and a place to live! So they often seem pretty tangled together. I feel badly that because of my RA, I use much more of my family's resources. They sacrifice for me.Not that they seem to mind, but I do.

  2. health is so important if we want to work (to earn money!), have a family or simply enjoy life!! we can work much harder we have our health supporting us. i hated the times when my friends went out trekking or were out partying till 5 am and i had to stay back because i had swollen feet. i was just a 20 yr old and missed out on so much because of damn RA!

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