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You come here often? I am getting too old for this…

Picking up my morning coffee, a man walked up to me and used that line. Tall, handsome, well-dressed…and well, I didn’t really care. I said “yes,” and walked away. Now, don’t get me wrong, what woman does not like a pick up line? The kind that never has time to think, works hard, attends school, has a family to take care of, struggles with RA and FMS, etc. Yes, that would be the one. I have learned a long time ago that this is who I am now – a mother, wife, an employee, and maybe, I am entitled to feel beautiful or noticed, but honestly, I don’t care. Granted, my husband wouldn’t notice if I was wearing something sexy over sweats, but really, I am way too old and tired to care.

If anything, I am content with my life. Yes, I want more, but the things that make me happy in 2010 were different than the ones that made me happy in 2000. I guess that is the price of getting older. Your goals change as does your sense of responsibility and commitment.

Apparently, you BECOME 21, you TURN 30, you’re PUSHING 40, you REACH 50 and what happens next? I am past 30 and getting close to 40 and somehow, I don’t care. I welcome it. I look at my children and the older they get and if anything, I am not ready for them to grow so fast, but still, I welcome growing older. As they say, with age comes wisdom. The older I get the wiser I get.  I think I like that.

What could be better?


6 thoughts on “You come here often? I am getting too old for this…

  1. I need to adopt that attitude. 31 hit me hard in Nov…but I'm doing better with it. I hear you about the kiddos. My little man is 18 mos and I feel like that year and a half went in the blink of an eye!

  2. I really looked forward to turning 30, as if it somehow made me more legitimate, more grown up. I finally felt less like a kid and more like a grown woman. Even though by 30 I already had 3 kids. Now that I'm nearing 40 I would really like life to slow down and not fly by quite so fast. It's been like a toilet paper roll, the closer to the end you get, the faster it goes.

  3. I have to agree with all of you that getting older is wonderful. I enjoy the sense that I am wiser and more responsible. I feel more adult than I ever had in my 20s. Michelle, I agree with you about not wanting it to fly by. I love where I am right here and right now. I have never been as content with my life as I am now. Now, I am not saying that I don't want more out of life, who doesn't? But if there is nothing left for me to gain, that is okay too.

  4. Well I turned 41 today. I have never lost my youth nor do I plan on surrendering it anytime soon. Truth be told, today at 41, I am more engaged in a fulfilling life and more active then I have ever been.

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