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Toy Tuesday Giveaway!!! Win a $250 gift card to Little Tikes!

Toy Tuesday Giveaway!!!

This giveaway is sponsored by Bill Me Later. For official contest rules, click here.

On December 8, Bill Me Later is hosting “Toy Tuesday”. Visit to find great deals on the holiday’s most wanted toys and gifts from leading retailers such as Toys “R” Us,, Step 2, Little Tikes, eToys,, FAO Schwarz, HP,, MacMall, Mercantila and more.

As a part of Toy Tuesday, I will be blogging about Toddler Toys for Toddler Boys, and the end of this article, you have an opportunity to comment on your favorite toddler toys, past or present, and what types of toys you will be purchasing for the holidays. One lucky commenter will win a $250 gift card to Little Tikes and will have a $500 gift card donated to a local children’s charity of their choice. Giving…what could be better?

Toddler Toys for Toddler Boys

Toddlers love to play and they love to move. They are very active and very curious. Toddlers are constantly on the go and quite often, it is difficult to find toys that can keep them entertained for more than five minutes. As a mother to two boys, I have some secrets on the types of toys that can keep your boy toddler interested.

Boys that love things that roll. Any toy that rolls is interesting to a toddler boy. It can be a ball or it can be a car. My toddler has a big thing for trucks and trains. If you interested in finding toys for toddler boys that roll and move as they much as they do, Little Tikes is definitely a place to visit for the holidays. Any of the ride-on toys can be a hit with toddler boys who are constantly on the move.

Construction toys. Boys love to build no matter their age. They also like to knock down things, and my living room has paid on daily basis with all the things my toddler knocks down. If you would like to save your living room coffee table, check out wide variety of construction toys by Little Tikes and Step 2 have this holiday season.

Play Centers. Play centers can always keep a child occupied and busy for hours because they allow children to role play and we all know toddlers have wonderful imaginations. Further, they are educational because they allow children to explore. A Real Projects Workshop from Step 2 would keep a toddler entertained for hours and is a toy that would still be interesting until about age six. From kitchens to construction kits to doll houses, Step 2 has a variety of play centers to keep your toddler interested well into the school age years.

Educational toys. There are a wide selection of age appropriate educational toys that you can pick out from many major toy retailers such as ToysRUs and Walmart. Anything that teaches colors, songs, numbers or the alphabet can be a big hit with both toddler boys and toddler girls. Puzzles are great at teaching toddlers shapes and memory and matching skills. Board books, pop-up books and even sound books can easily catch a toddler’s interest. Interactive sound books can teach memory skills while teaching a variety of shapes, colors, numbers, concepts, and sounds.

TO ENTER Toy Tuesday, leave a comment telling me what toddler toys have been a hit at your home either currently or in the past, and what toys you will be purchasing this holiday season. Also, please leave your email address so that you will be contacted tomorrow by me and/or the sponsor of this event to arrange for your prize and your charity selection.You have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to get your entry in.

The winner will be randomly generated and the gift cards will come from the sponsor directly. I will announce the winner by 1 p.m. EST tomorrow.

For another opportunity to win and participate in this awesome giveaway, visit Elizabeth tomorrow at Table 4 Five.


141 thoughts on “Toy Tuesday Giveaway!!! Win a $250 gift card to Little Tikes!

  1. My son really loved the basketball hoop but his all time favorite was his outside cottage…He played in that non stop. ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

  2. So far thde biggest hit has been the water/sand table. Although ours is purely a sand table since she can't keep the sand on one side of the table! LOL!

  3. I do not have kids of my own, but when I was a kid I loved the Corn Popper™ and I love the fact that it is still being made! This year I purchased a Santa Potato Head for my nephew and some Sprig Toys for my niece.Angieone 4 earth at aol dot com

  4. As someone who has chosen not to have children, I get my kid fix via my nieces and nephews. I have noticed that they LOVE the toys that are interactive and learning based. My niece especially loves the Grow-With-Me Kitchen that Santa brought her last year. Its in my sister's kitchen and she copies what her mother does at her play kitchen at dinner time. It is so cute. I bought her some additional play food to go with her little kitchen this year.Scottnynekats at aol dot com

  5. With four girls and only one boy, my biggest purchases have been in the area of DOLLS, DOLLS, and MORE DOLLS! However, my kids have gotten the greatest joy and spent HOURS with their Little People World of toys. This year, I only have one toddler left (sniff,sniff), but we are going to be buying her a few additions to her little people hand-me-downs for sure!Thanks for the giveaway!~Angela

  6. My son has really loved an art easel he got for his 3rd birthday. This Christmas I'm giving him the Tag Reader!juliebrookeneff at yahoo dot com

  7. My 2 year old loves simple puzzles and baby dolls right now. We're getting her a play kitchen for Christmas that I think she will love too! samantha312 at hotmail dot com

  8. Our toddler still loves her Busy ball Popper, puzzles, and likes to pretend to shop and buy groceries. I am hoping to get her a play kitchen for Christmas this year.

  9. My LO is still technically an infant, rather than a toddler, but she is already enjoying the Duplos, if for no other reason than that they're fun to bang together. Growing up, I always loved my Fisher Price Little People playsets. (Yep, we had the old school barn that would make the 'mooing' sound when you opened the door.)

  10. Right now, my toddler loves the GeoTrax that we had gotten for my daughter a while back. He loves cars, trucks and trains. I'm getting him blocks, some puzzles and pretend tools for Christmas.

  11. My kids love anything that they can ride on or put together/take apart! They also love Legos and their play kitchen.I would love to get the Real projects workshop for them — they would LOVE it!!!

  12. Anything Thomas & Friends has been a HUGE hit at my house!! It sparks my son's imagination and it is really such a sweet story, too. They also have a wonderful collection of books, DVD's and not to mention the tracks and trains!

  13. My son really loves this ball popper toy, and his sister's kitchen. Hanna loves her kitchen too, always has!This year we're getting them a Sit N Spin, and some Disney toy play houses (kinda like Little People stuff, but Disney).

  14. My son loves his workbench. He has 2 cousins that are his same age (3) and that is the thing they are always playing with.lyndakc at

  15. Sherr Winckel – My current toddler is a little girl, so we are all about babies and strollers. My son loved this adjustable basketball hoop. We still have it, he still loves it.

  16. Sherr Winckel – My current toddler is a little girl, so we are all about babies and strollers. My son loved this adjustable basketball hoop. We still have it, he still loves it.

  17. Ruth PRivitt-my grandkids love all the tonka trucks that I have. Also have a battery powered 4wheeler and tracktor. The batterys are dead, but my kids still push eachother around on them.

  18. The here has always been the Little People. We always have something out and I rotate different things about once a month. Right now the farm and house is out with all the accessories to go along with it.This year I bought the nativity playset for them.

  19. We have lots of toddler favorites at our house right now. The sand and water table is always a hit in the warmer weather months. Both our 1 year old and 4 year old love the set of colorful handbells, megablocks, and the Pottery Barn cottage playhouse. Santa is bringing some Melissa and Doug playfood for the kitchen they both love and of course a baby doll bed for all the babies! Boy toys coming our way: the Imaginext Batcave and some building toys.

  20. The best toddler toys in my kids opinions were the ones that made the most noise.The corn popper,a guitar that made music when buttons were pressed but the absolute favorite toy had to have been the mini jeep wrangler their uncle got my oldest when he was 3.They loved riding around in it and pretending that they were

  21. The biggest Toy hit in our house over the past year for my 6 year old has been Legos & Leapster. For my 3 year old, the biggest Toy hit has been Thomas the Train and Barney. This year, the kids Christmas List consists of Legos (Star Wars Clone Wars, Thomas the Train, a Step 2 Kitchen, a Didj, Barney videos and Nerf. Thanks for the wonderful

  22. my girls always loved so many things! Little people sparked their imaginations, the last favorite was the big dinosaur that had the balls you rolled around on/in/through it. Wish I remembered the name! We passed it on to my SIL! This year we're sticking with small things – dolls, books, clothes and a cheap mp3 player.

  23. Happy Holidays! We have enjoyed the Workshop, Toddler Swing, Baseball Trainer, Trucks, Car, etc.! I like that Little Tikes is very durable and long lasting. Our favorite has been the outdoor small climber gym.The toys we are purchasing this year are board games, iPod, bicycle and a couple of Wii games. Many thanks for this fabulous contest…..Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  24. We got that Real Projects Workshop for our some a few years ago and he really loved it. It was wonderful to see his proud face after he really made something. It is much more than a toy and really builds their imagination. I would recomend it highly.Thanks for the giveawayJen VG

  25. My 2 year old loves her play kitchen. This year she wants a toddler bed. My 4 year old wants an art easel and my 6 month old is going to love the wrapping paper and will forget the presents.kelawrence05{at}hotmail{dot}com

  26. The toys that are huge hits at our house are Lego's,Polly Pockets,Mr. Potato Head,Play-Doh and the Little People play sets. Thank you!judybrittle at gmail dot com

  27. Thomas the Train and WEDGiTS To Go! are a huge hit. Also any puzzles. I have two toddlers so I have a lot of experience with this question. I want to get more Thomas pieces and more books too.shannipooh (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Our Thomas Train Set, and anything with wheels (for my son) have been great. My daughter enjoyed her Fisher Price Tea Set, and our vintage Little People play sets (from my husband's childhood) have been a real treasure. My son's getting the Grow With Me Trike, a Hot Wheels play set, and Fisher Price Airport, along w/a Leapfrog Tag Jr. Reading System. We'll see how it goes!

  29. I'm so unlucky, I know this will be passed over (I've been entering for 7 days now 😦 )We've always bought Leap Frog toys since my kids were babies and toddlers. Now that I have another toddler, I will be buying for her a Tag Jr. for Christmas. YAYbrownatural at gmail dot com

  30. My older son wants the new Buzz Lightyear. My younger son has all hand me down toys so I really would love to get him some new toys.

  31. I don't have toddlers anymore, but when I did duplos were a big hit. My kids also liked any kind of play food and used to love to "cook" for me.Now that they are older there are lots of electronics on their list, like a wii and ipods. My son still loves legos though.

  32. The best toddler toys in our house are mini versions of the real thing like a mini kitchen set and vegetables you can cut into pieces. My girls both also love dress up and lots of bead necklaces.This year my toddler is getting a pop up tent with tunnels to crawl through. She is very active so this should be a great indoor activity for the winter.

  33. The thomas the train sets for toddlers is a hit. This year I will probably get a Zhu Zhu pet and maybe a Wii.runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  34. im having a hard time trying to decide what to get for my soon to be 2 year old. he really loves cars, or anything with wheels!sarahbuki at gmail dot com

  35. I remember our little tykes kitchen set as one of our favorites – probably because we got to be so creative with it! I would love to get one for my niece who is 4 – she'd love it too!

  36. The favorite toddler toy in our house has been the Sand and Water Table for a long time. The girls love to make sandcastles when it's warm enough and even when its cool they pretend it is a restaurant and fill cups and plates with sand to serve me and my husband. It definitely earns its keep around our house. Thanks for the opportunity.rmmaringer (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. Toys they can ride or toys that make lots of noise always seem to be a hit! I don't (yet) have a toddler but I do have a niece and nephew that are both toddlers. For my nephew, I am getting him a tool belt to wear for all his cool new construction toys that his dad is getting him. lcmeccia at hotmail dot

  38. The most recent toddler toy hit in our house was the Elmo Live my son received from Santa last year. He LOVES him!annegyounger(@)

  39. The step2 lifestyle kitchen was a big hit when my sons were toddlers. This Christmas they're 5 & 6 and they'll be getting the leapfrog leapster2 with games.mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  40. The laugh and learn house has been one toy that all three of my children have enjoyed and played with consistently. This year our big gifts are giving a Tag learning system to our two older girls and the learn and groove play table for the baby.

  41. I have 3 boys (18, 13 & 9) needless to say we have been thru several Little Tikes, most popular at our house is the basketball goals – one on each side of the pool!

  42. My kids favorite has been the blocks that daddy made them from scraps of wood from other projects. They loved to knoock them over when they were littler, and now they make fancier buildings (and still knock them over). Blocks are a classic!!!!

  43. Trucks are always a big hit in my house. My son is also a huge fan of those Home Depot tools, he never puts those down.

  44. My almost 4 year old son right now is loving his tractor that my parents got him. My 1 year old twin girls just like all the toys! They just had their birthday so they are overwhelmed with toys!rebeccalynn78 at

  45. All-time favs in my house are toy cars for the toddler and anything with lights for the baby. I just saw the Little Tikes Pop Tunes guitar and piano, and I think I'll get those for my toddler. We're getting the baby an activity table and a walking toy.tessaspears at gmail dot comThanks!

  46. My toddler's favorite toy has been the Radio Flyer riding turtle – she's spent countless hours ramming it into furniture, filling its back with "treasures," and cruising around the house. 🙂 I'm hoping to get her some Duplos for Christmas.hawaiismn(at)gmail(dot)com

  47. Cars, we got my son the mini tonka cars they kind of look cartoony but hes been playing with them since he was 2 and hes 3.5 now and still loves them. This year we got him a vtech camera we'll see how he likes it!j.mcdilda(@)

  48. My kids love the Little Tikes playhouses. We aren't purchasing that many toys this Christmas, since we are taking our kids to Sea World. I am getting some Blues Clues things and Strawberry Shortcake stuff.

  49. A big hit for my toddler has been a set of soft blocks with cool pictures and numbers on them. She carries them, knocks them down, throws them around. Best thing is, if she falls on one, no harm done. This Christmas we'll be buying her a blabla doll and (if I can find one)…one of those Fisher Price barn sets in the vintage style.

  50. The coolest toddler toys we have are the pretend pots and pans, dishes, and utensils. This Christmas, we'll be giving legos to the older kid, and the toddler will be getting some other random stuff. Not sure what his big thing will be yet.

  51. My little one has just entered the toddler stage! She likes her Leapfrog Learn and Groove table and the PlanToys xylophone. And remote contols, scraps of paper, and pacifiers. 🙂

  52. My son loves his cars. He can "park" them for hours. Maybe he'll be a valet when he grows up! ;)He'll be getting the Mega Blocks Cars for Christmas this year.

  53. In the past bikes and play kitchens and homes have always been a hit. Thining about a tool desk or new trike for my 2 yr. old this year.tvollowitz at aol dot com

  54. My kiddo loves balls of any shape, size and color. Footballs and basketballs are his current favorite. For Christmas he is getting a musical instrument set that includes a xylophone…he loves to make noise.momma @ alli-n-son dot com

  55. My son is 2 and also loves all things with wheels — trains and especially Cars. He is getting a toy kitchen, however, along with some wooden play food. Maybe we can "cook" for his Cars!

  56. Plush toys have always been a hit through the ages. I can't wait to give my daughter the Santa Buddies DVD package that comes with the plush dogs, she is going to freak!

  57. Sorry I deleted my other post by mistake, here it is againMy youngest loves sports, he is not even two years old and he already hits a ball with a bat. Then a baseball set we got two years ago for my oldest is a big hit.My oldest loves games, we have an electronic Uno game he plays over an over again.This holiday season we are buying transformers, scooter, tricycle and bookssilviatoday[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  58. In the past, a Little Tykes car was my youngest's favorite gift. My oldest loved a kids digital camera he received. This year we're giving them some kid video game systems as well as other items.TechyDad at TechyDad dot com

  59. I run a non-profit that provides services to children with autism and other disabilities, regardless of the ability to pay. We would the winners considering us for the $500 non-profit gift. It would provide much needed services to our students! Thanks so much!

  60. My grandson's favorite toy was his Little Tikes workbench, we had hours of fun playing with it and now that he's outgrown it we passed it on to another little boy. And my granddaughter's favorite toy was her Princess TentThis year I plan on buying the kitchen and a doll for my granddaughter and K'Nex for my grandson.lzz25 at yahoo dot com

  61. My kids loved There Blocks when they were younger..Now they want a Nintendo Wii for Christmas…My youngest wants cars, trucks, and a race car set!

  62. I always enjoy giving Little People play sets especially ones with vehicles. Like you said, toddlers just love pushing the vehicles around.This year, in addition to giving some of those to my nephews, I have a soon to be toddler of my own that will get some as well as the Leap Frog musical Table and board books.dawnhart at cinci dot rr dot com

  63. My two boys have always loved play tool sets. Anything they can be hands on with, and fix stuff, they have loved. This year we are continuing with the interactive toys along with power wheels for outside!

  64. surprisingly the schleich animal figurines were a huge hit with both of my boys when they were toddlers. they didn't have to be big talkers to play pretend with the animals and my older son insisted on having 2 of each animal, so the animals could play together. this year they are both super excited to get a digital camera. even though my youngest is only 2.5, he's the most excited about getting a real camera! i'm thinking fisher price might be a good idea for him…!and thanks everyone for the great suggestions!

  65. My sons favorite toddler toy was a grow with me basketball hoop – he literally played with it every single day!!! My girls never got a chance to play on their brother's hoop (it was always occupied), but they all enjoyed a classic spring horse that neighed when they kicked it, it lasted through 5 children and then was passed on to another family to love and enjoy!! This year we are still buying toddler toys for our nephews, one that I hope will be a hit is the Playskool busy ball choo choo?!?!

  66. My boys loved the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe….they played in that thing for hours, we had the gas pump that went along with it too. Now they are older, asking for electronics and such *sigh*.AngieMarieReynolds@yahoo.comAngie

  67. My two little grandsons play with batman figures and vehicles all the time. They are both wanting Handy Manny toys for Christmas this year. I hope to get them the Handy manny Workshop.Eswright18 at gmail dot com

  68. My kids are loving the art easel our oldest got for his birthday a couple of months ago. This year has sports toys and pretend play items in store for our little ones!lindseymiller.mail {at} gmail {dot} com

  69. My oldest loved her Thomas the Tank Engine Toys when she was a toddler. She (yes, SHE) was obsessed with them. For my youngest, anything dinosaurs…She (yes, another SHE) is going to go crazy over the puppet dinosaurs that she is getting for xmas this year.

  70. Sorry; forgot my email address:kristen{DOT}dascoli{AT}gmail{DOT}comMy oldest loved her Thomas the Tank Engine Toys when she was a toddler. She (yes, SHE) was obsessed with them. For my youngest, anything dinosaurs…She (yes, another SHE) is going to go crazy over the puppet dinosaurs that she is getting for xmas this year.

  71. Since my son is 22, it has been my 2 nieces, Emma, 10 & Annabelle, 6, that we have had lots of fun buying for in the past years. Toys that have been a big hit in the past: baby dolls, legos, Leapfrog, Dora, Spongebob and lots of kits to draw, color and to do crafts with. This year we bought them a Dance, Dance Revolution Bundle and games for their Nintendo DS that they love. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  72. I have four boys, so I definitely can relate to this post. My toddler boys have always liked anything they can throw or hit, so a soft bat and ball were always great. And they love anything they can ride on. My 2 1/2 year old is getting one of those little battery operated jeeps that goes like 2mph this year. He's gonna love it! Thanks for the giveaway!Blessings,Traci

  73. Well my son loved his little fisher price basketball hoop. My nephew came over and loved it to. We had to get that for him for his birthday. bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  74. My grandson loved and still loves the Leap frog Musical table I got him last year for Christmas. THis year I want to get him a Step 2 Wagon!!!joyerast AT hotmail DOT com

  75. My son ejoyed his Workbench for a long time, and we added little tools for him to use, it was always a favorite!My daughter loved her kitchen, and 5 years later still does! We also have a dollhouse, and plan on buying some new pieces for it this Xmas!I would love to buy a Ride on toy for them, if the money somehow appears, lol!

  76. The big hit this year at our house was a motorized hummer my son got and anything sponge bob. He really wants a bike this christmasrjs682 at yahoo dot com

  77. My grandson likes anything to do with tools. He has a play chainsaw that "helps" cut wood with. He is asking for a chuck the talking truck this yearzachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  78. My daughter loves (and loved even more when she was younger and less busy) to play in her fisher price kitchen. We got her a set of kiddie pots and pans and she still gets them out to play almost daily, and she's eight now! The funny thing is that my niece, who's almost two, will fight for those pans, and even my one year old nephew loves to play with the kitchen and the pans. This has been the best investment to date.

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