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The Devaluation of Marriage

I wonder what marriage means to a modern society. Remember when you are younger and believed in princesses and princes. The older you got the more you realized that the stuff fairytales were made of is nonexistent. Humans are not perfect and that is what life is all about. The whole fairytale fantasy of that marriage is about passion, commitment and strength is further absent. That fantasy does not exist in my home, your home or any home in modern society.

The majority of marriages I have seen are based on either convenience or impulse, and I am not saying that that is intentional on anyone’s part. As a society, we have taken a loose perception about marriage and today’s marriages are based solely on saying hello and goodbye to your spouse as your rush about your daily lives with your jobs, your children, and all of life’s demands. Maybe marriage is less significant because as a society we have gone away from the traditional views of marriage, like marrying to have children and to be a part of something bigger as in a family unit.

We hear so much the declining numbers of people getting married and the increasing number of divorces. All we have to do is turn our eyes to Hollywood and see that marriage has been turned into a commercial industry. With shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, marriage has become a one-season project. Think about the marriage of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. It only lasted as long as the cameras were shooting. Jon and Kate – need I say more? Is this how we define marriage nowadays?

The media takes a strong idealistic approach to celebrity marriages; they pay millions for wedding pictures, and then, they fight for the gossip on the divorce for the same marriage that they paid millions for in wedding pictures. It goes to show that marriage has become devalued. We are paying more attention to which couples make it and we have become so consumed in the failing marriage gossip. The media wouldn’t be publicizing if people do not want to hear it. Ironic, isn’t it?

I want to believe that marriage is something we take seriously and it is not something based on cultural trends. Unfortunately, due to our busy lives and today’s demands, we have not taken opportunity to appreciate marriage. As a society, we have taken an individualism approach. We focus primary on our careers, and we are quite often too busy to focus on our personal relationships. Our sense of community has long disappeared and because of that, we have forgotten the importance of marriage and family. I know that I sound like Dr. Phil but as much as I enjoy having a career and a life, I would trade it for a marriage of the 1950s.

4 thoughts on “The Devaluation of Marriage

  1. Very well written. Marriage seems to have fallen by the wayside, with so many choosing to "live together". It's a sad thing that society has promoted the idea that marriages are so disposable. Not happy? Leave. Find someone better? Get divorced.People simply don't have the same idea about commitment, and "til death do us part" as the generation before us did.It is a loss to society, when the moral fibers are tattered & thrown to the winds.

  2. I would agree with what you have wrote. I am fortunate to have my parents still together and devoted to each other as the day I was born. My wife lost her father when she was 10 and her mother never remarried. She dated some years back but said she compared ever man with Amy's father. Talk about your role models. My faith carries me in my marriage and role as a father to Addy. Nothing is easy in life and marriage is no exception. The easiest thing to do is quit. My life would be so entirely empty without Amy. Sure she agravates me like no other, but at the end of the day I know she, above all, has my back. How can I not love the woman who still loves me after knowing and accepting my many faults. One of the definative momments when I knew I loved Amy like no other. The night when Addy was sick and neither one of us were getting much sleep. We were sharing a piece of cheesecake at 3:30 in the morning when she looked at me and said, "I think you have baby poop in your hair." Without hesitation, she grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned it. We held each other the couch, laughed, cried, and eventually found the time to fall asleep for a few hours. I wish everyone was as fortunate as me. Baby poop and all!

  3. I was very lucky to be raised to believe marriage is sacred and should never be entered into lightly. My grandparents where married for 54 years before my Grandpa died in '94. My grandmother is still alive and has never wanted to date or remarry. My parents where married for 37 years before my dad died in '07. Unfortunately my husband's parents where back and forth and he had a few stepdads. However we started seeing each other when I was 13 so he got to see what marriage is really like. I'm also very lucky that I married my best friend. Yes we where young when we got married (I was 17, he 18) but we did it out of love and understanding that this was for life. Next year will be are 10th anniversary and I can't wait to spend many, many, many more years growing old with him. So to some it's like that but there are a few of us left that really believe in marriage and everything it stands for 🙂

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