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Seven Pounds

This past May, I purchased the movie “Seven Pounds” and never got to watch it. This past weekend, I dug it up and watched it on my laptop. This movie is absolutely amazing. Will Smith is at his finest. If you plan on watching the movie, be prepared with a big box of Kleenex especially towards the end.

Will Smith plays Ben Thomas, a man who is repenting for some bad choices. In the beginning, we see Ben Thomas making a 911 call to report a suicide – his own. Something happened to Ben Thomas that leads him to help seven people, and on his journey to fulfill this goal, he has to determine whether each of these persons are deserving of his help.

Seven people – his brother, a high school hockey coach, a young boy suffering form leukemia, a social services worker, a young woman who needs a heart, a blind man and an abused woman and her children – are all connected to one man’s generosity. It is a story you have to see to believe, and the reason he helped those seven people and how – you will find out as the story evolves.

This is one amazing story and it definitely left an impression on me or else I would not be blogging about it. Like I said, prepare a big box of Kleenex and prepare yourself for a tearjerker of an ending.


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