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Don’t ya just love the side effects?

If we could only find the humor in side effects, there would be room for irony. Think about drug commercials. They talk about how wonderful life is after you take their drug, and then they talk about side effects and the wonderful things about the medication are over. (I guess that would explain why the dancing stopped.) Actually, there are more side effects than there are positive aspects of the medications. (Yes, a small price we pay to try to feel better.)

So the next time you are wobbling around due to dizziness, nausea, and extreme fatigue, remind yourself that “Celebrex is not for everyone. You shouldn’t take Celebrex if you are pregnant or have had allergic reactions or asthma symptoms from taking aspirin. In rare cases, serious stomach problems, such as bleeding, can occur without warning. The most common side effects include indigestion, diarrhea and stomach pain.” (Common on, keep trying until you will see in the humor in it!)

Is the point of taking medication is to feel better in one place, i.e., your joints, to feel worse every where worse? With all the side effects, are meds really worth taking? Someone should tell the drug companies that patients like feeling queasy, having indigestion and diarrhea, and it would make sense that my arthritis does not stop me from calling 911 in case of bleeding without warning. The average Joe sees the logic, why can’t the drug companies?

Let’s take a medication for depression. “Anti-Depress Drug#2’s most common side effects include insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea, tremors, agitation, sweating, and decreased appetite. Well, it is nice that patients are able to take their depression off their mind and find something else to concern themselves with. I guess I wouldn’t mind being a sweaty, cranky insomniac over being depressed. Thanks to the frequent diarrhea and decreased appetite, I saved money because I did not have to go to the gym.

Now, I will try not to make my own mother blush here, but Viagra’s side effects are quite interesting aren’t they? What is “bluish vision?” An erection lasting more than four hours? (Sorry Mom, I had to throw that one in.)

I really think that the drug companies really should leave the information about side effects to the doctors to explain, first. Second, maybe they could focus on medications that don’t force people in their 30s to fall asleep in the middle of a company meeting (it wasn’t me), or cause them to be depressed, overtired and crankier than a toddler who has missed his nap.

This is my way of venting about side effects. It is nice and all that I finally remember how to walk without wobbling, but I swear the dizziness, nausea, sinus symptoms, and extreme yawning (fatigue) are making me insane. This is worse than Obama’s proposed healthcare plan.


2 thoughts on “Don’t ya just love the side effects?

  1. Sometimes makes me want to stop taking all medications! Until I realize that the outcome of that may be worse than fighting the side effects.

  2. I had a few really good laughs during this post… you really DO understand. It's almost as if we need to just accept this homeostasis of feeling crappy. Well I, for one, am going to continue searching for alternatives and doctors that will support me in that. Thanks so much for your post and your blog in generalxoMaya

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