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Motherhood is about making Green Eggs and Ham: Would you, Could you?

Motherhood is about “Sam, I am” and making green eggs and ham on a Sunday mornings. It is about reading “Good Night Moon” until you are blue in the face. Motherhood is about losing sleep when they are sick or sad. Motherhood is watching your children learn lessons, like the ones that mean friends will come go and go in your children’s lives, as will bullies.

Motherhood is tough; it is about tears and it is about fears. It is about being a better person. It is about forgiving, loving, and learning. It is about giving up material things so that you can give your children everything. You give up your career, you work hard to provide them with nice things, you give up sleep, and you learn that there are far more important things than yourself. Before motherhood, you think about college degrees, salaries, job titles, fine shoes and purses, nails and hair. After motherhood, you think about their successes, their failures, and their needs and wants.

Even the bravest and strongest woman can become a downright emotional mess when she becomes a mother. That is because motherhood is about challenges, about strength and about humor. It is about laughing when you want to cry. It is about biting your tongue every so often and about allowing your children to learn from their mistakes.

I don’t look at my life as what it once was. I look at my life as what it is today. I look at it in the same philosophy that my mother and all mothers before me did. Suddenly, the “me” I used to be isn’t as important as the “me” that I am to my children. I have traded high heels for tennis shoes and flip-flops and I couldn’t be more happier. The definition of “rich” is different today than it was ten years ago, and today, it doesn’t involve material wealth.

Every day, I find pieces of my former self and I barely recognize her. I am too busy being proud of the mother that I have become. True, I am still me, but I am me in a new and better way, a way that can allow me to tell “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Good Night Moon” uniquely each and every night, and in a way, that I couldn’t be more happier.


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