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Feeling better means dealing with side effects

Earlier this week, I took my first Humira injection, and the next day, I started to notice a small reduction in symptoms. I had been dealing with heal pain in my left foot for the last month and the next morning, I noticed that the pain was starting to subside. I also awoke the following day with less stiffness in my hands. One thing I didn’t anticipate is the side effects of my medication, many that my doctor insists will subside after the second injection. Unfortunately for me, my side effects, although minor, are the ones that require me to seek medical attention. Go figure.

I have not blogged much lately because I have felt overwhelmed and bogged down by the many responsibilities in my life. I quite often wonder about the wife, the mother, the worker, and the just the person I used to be. The things that I can barely handle today were the things were everyday occurrences in my life two and three years ago. Granted, I know I have changed and I hear that from family and friends everyday. I am not the same person I was before my diagnosis and speaking of my diagnosis, that one year anniversary is coming up. I was only officially diagnosed last year after years of symptoms and not being able to walk for a month last year. I guess I have gotten to the point in my life where I have accepted my diagnosis, but it does not mean that I can control it. I can’t even control my emotions so how can I expect myself to control my condition.

I try not to blame my lack of concentration and exhaustion on my condition, but it is starting to show that my condition is affecting my life and even my job. It is getting harder to wake up in the morning, harder to make it in to work on time, harder to concentrate on the job, and harder to get through my day. I know that there will never be a cure for my disease, and I may never start to feel better, but what I really want is not to get worse. Would that be too much to ask?

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3 thoughts on “Feeling better means dealing with side effects

  1. Side effect sure are difficult to manage at times, and for me it's a constant struggle between coping with my RA and coping with my meds. The balance is always changing, but it definitely take a lot of effort. Hang in there, and thanks for the link to the Examiner post! (I'll bookmark it for when I have kids!)

  2. What side effects are you having? Yes, life is completely different for me since I was diagnosed. In a way it is better. I look at things different and I appreciate things more. In another way I get so frustrated. But, yes I am a different person since being diagnosed. Other people will just have to adjust to that and they are learning 😉

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