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How to Monitor Your Children’s Internet Use

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John Robinson’s book titled Anyone You Want Me to Be tells the story of the first Internet serial killer. Anyone can pretend to be anything on the Internet and teens and younger children are particularly vulnerable especially if they send out personal information and photographs of themselves. As parents, it is our responsibility to know what our children are doing and with whom. It is important to talk to our children and without scaring them, we need to remind them of the potential outcomes of their actions on the Internet. Further, we need to be extra vigilant in order to protect our children from predators and even cyber bullies.

So, what can parents that they have not already done? It is simply not enough just to block websites or ban your children from certain activities on the internet. Remind yourself that no matter how responsible you think your child is, you still need to warn them about the dangers that lurk on the internet and you need to it often. Moreover, your child does not have to use the internet at home. They can use the internet at the local library, at school, or at a friend’s house. Therefore, monitoring your child’s internet usage at home is not enough, but teaching your child how to respond to certain situations can go further than you think.

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