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Sometimes I pour my heart out

For frequent readers of my blog, you know how much I love being a mother, and the hardest thing I do everyday is leave my children in childcare so that I can work a full-time job. Since becoming a Working Mom Examiner for the Examiner Cleveland, I have found myself pouring my heart out on topics that affect working mothers all over country and all over the globe. This is includes working mom guilt, fatigue, stress, and the work-life balance that many working mothers aim to achieve. All of us are unique in how we handle the work-life balance in our lives, and for me, this is how I do it, and I am very passionate about these issues.

As a working mother of many years, I feel like I am constantly running two different races. When at work, I think about the deadlines and meetings, and when I am at home, I think about housework, dinner, checking homework, etc. On the big screen, those two worlds don’t collide, but in my life they quite often do. When I am work, I find myself thinking about all the things I need to take care of when I get home, and when at home, I think about the deadlines and the workload.

I often describe my life at as juggling and struggling all at the same time and I find myself crying more often than I do laughing. Being a working mother is exhausting, stressing and confusing, and every working mother quickly realizes that supermom does not exist. When I drive to work every morning, I find myself pondering and wondering whether it is all worth it. Sometimes, I tear up and take the stiff upper lip approach and other times I cry. I look at the comments I receive on my Working Mom Examiner page and I realize that what I feel is what every working mother feels. I try to offer advice in the way to manage my life through my experiences and the experiences of others. My kids will someday be grown up, and this emotional rollercoaster will be long forgotten, and but it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with the choices I make, and wonder how those choices affect their lives.

I was recently asked “how do you do it all?” I had to think about the answer, and the truth is I don’t.  I am also not alone. There is a whole army of working mothers, like me, trying to make sense of it all, and quite often they fail.

They simply cannot do it all, and quite often it shows, and just like you and me, they fall through the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood. They try to put their careers first, and they suffer and so do their relationships with their children and their spouses. They cry, they hurt, and they know failure, and quite frankly, they cannot do it all.

As always, I welcome your comments at my Examiner page as well as here on my blog.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I pour my heart out

  1. I have often said I don't know how working mothers do it. Honestly, I don't. I have a good friend who has 2 children and she works full-time. Not by choice…she and her husband depend on her 2nd income to make ends meet. When I listen to how long her days are at work and the stress she has there and then has to come home, make dinner, put the boys to bed and then try to do more work from home…I feel exhausted for her. She has a tremendous amount of guilt. I have nothing but the utmost respect for moms who work full-time out of the house.

  2. I think a hazard of blogging is that we sometimes do put ourselves out there, exposed for the world to see. Sometimes it's too much information. But it's good for us, personally.As for being a working mom and doing it all – I know I can't do it all. But I also know a SAHM can't do it all either. We all need the support of family, friends and other moms. It's just the way life works!

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