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Surviving the 9 to 5 as a working mom

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More than 50% of mothers with small children work outside the home, and the main reason that these mothers work outside the home is financial need. For every mother, the decision to work is not an easy one nor is there a correct answer to whether a mother should or should not work outside the home. Every mother does what is best for her family, and deciding to work outside of the home brings with it issues of guilt, prioritization, and time management that can make the nine to five lifestyle difficult and stressful.

Working moms always feel like they are running two different races at the same time. When you are at work, you worry about the workload, meetings, and deadlines; when you are at home, you worry about balancing the family’s checkbook, tonight’s dinner, checking the children’s homework, and planning a weekend visit with your in-laws. While both worlds are not supposed to collide, they quite often do, and while you are at work, you will realize that you have missed the baby’s well-check appointment or while you are at home, you wonder how you will make the latest project deadline since you are unable to work any overtime this week.

From this working mother’s viewpoint, juggling and struggling involves both laughing and crying. Quite often, it can be exhausting, stressful and confusing. You will forget your mom’s birthday, or your child’s costume for the school play, or, that ever-important deadline at the office that ended up being handled at the very last minute. Moreover, you will eventually realize that supermom is myth and trying to make that myth reality will only further exhaust, stress and confuse you.



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