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Ah Shucks! I won an award!

Kelly over at A Day in the Crazy Life has given me an award! She must know how much I love awards. Well, I promised that I would display the award proudly and in order to do that, I must tell my readers ten things that they may not know about me, and I apologize, if at times, my life is sappy and sentimental. So, without further ado:

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me (Next time, don’t ask!)

1) I cry way too much! I cry when I watch commercials, the news, and even cartoons. Anything sweet, sad or emotional sends out the waterworks.
2) I love ribs (baby back beef ribs to be exact) – never mind I need to lose a few pounds and I should eat healthier. I love ribs and I eat them at least once a month.  I have even found some creative recipes so I don’t get bored.
3) I hate when I watch my DVR’ed episode of Days of Our Lives and people try to talk to me. By this I mean – call me on the phone, come to visit and ring my doorbell, or even simply talk to me.
4) I hate doing dishes. That is why I own a dishwasher.
5) I am brutally honest.
6) I have not talked to my brother in over a year and I don’t want to.
7) I am quite the romantic.
8) I hate dwelling on the past and I hate people who do (minus not talking to my brother).
9) The hardest thing for me being is working mom is how much I miss my children. Sometimes, I cry on the way to work because I miss them so much.
10) I have in the recent year learned that the value of money is overrated, and that there are things that are far more important than money. Many of us say that we feel that money isn’t important, but we don’t really mean it or understand that until we are tested.

I would like to pass on the award to:
RA Guy
Lana over at the Kids Did WHAT?
Overwhelmed Mom
Mallen over at Making Lemonade
Alica over at YaYa Stuff

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