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Lack of common sense or zero tolerance?

A first grader who brings a camping utensil to school to use at lunch gets suspended for 45 days due to his school’s zero tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policies are being utilized by school districts all over the country as a result of the violence that came of Columbine and Virginia Tech in recent years.

According to USA Today, the purpose of zero tolerance policies is to eradicate prejudice and discrimination on the part of school officials. There is a strong consensus of parents, educators, and even legislators who feel that zero tolerance policies only promote inequality and injustice leading to much criticism and debate. The decision and policy that led to the suspension of six year old Zachary Christie of Delaware required that school officials practice zero tolerance “regardless of intent” and “not take into consideration a child’s age,” this according to CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod.
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3 thoughts on “Lack of common sense or zero tolerance?

  1. Sheer stupidity at it's finest. And who suspends a kid for 45 days even if they have done something to be suspended over? Unfreakin'believable.

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