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I just want some good news!

Every time I put my guard down, the bad news attacks. I have tried to maintain a positive attitude but &*&## – pardon my french. It can be very difficult when the bad stuff just won’t go away. Sometimes, it feels like there is this black cloud following me every where I go. I can hide from it, but it always manages to find me. I need some good news RIGHT NOW and the good news is long overdue. If you good news, I want to hear all about it. I am so sick of hearing nothing but bad news.


4 thoughts on “I just want some good news!

  1. Good news: I always look forward to your blog posts. Good news: I just finished a great homeschool lesson w/ my 13 y.o. nephew.Good news: I was asked to substitute teach tomorrow at the local (American) private academy. P/T work but could lead to a F/T opportunity down the road.

  2. Good news: You are still breathing.Good news: There's always tomorrow!!Hoping for better news and day tomorrow!! Your friend and fellow RA'er, Mallen 🙂

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