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Don’t ya just love Mondays?

I had an interesting morning, but I am not alone, apparently, it’s a full moon tonight or was it last night? My nine year old and I were running late this morning, and rushing so he would not miss the school bus. I dropped him of and went on my way. After I got on the highway, I realized that I needed gas. I knew I could let it go until after I left work so I went on my way. I then realized that I had continued to say on 480 East instead of jumping on 71 North so I thought I would exit, put gas, and get on my way. Well, I exited and then realized I had forgotten my debit card on my dinning room table and decided the best thing to do was turn around, go home and get the debit card so I did not get stuck.

I picked up my debit card and headed to the gas station. As I was pumping gas, a man told me that I needed air in my rear driver side tire so I finished pumping my gas and moved my car to the air pump. After I paid for the air (75 cents!), I noticed there was a nail in the tire. I thought that I would jump drop it off at the Conrad’s near my job, but then I realized that this morning was not going as planned and the last thing I needed was to be stuck on Interstate 71 so I headed to the gas station across the street because it had a garage.

Well, I called my job to let them know that I was running late, got the tire done, and headed on my way to downtown Cleveland. I got to the parking garage five minutes to nine and of course, I was a half later late. I headed towards the elevator, said my usual good mornings, and as I walked into the elevator, I dropped my keys in the elevator shaft. I started laughing hysterically. I am sure everyone that saw throught I was insane. Yes, it could get any worse than this! The security desk said they would have maintenance find my keys, and an hour later, I had my keys.

I have been through a lot in the last year, and what I have learned throughout it all is not to sweat the small stuff. My life is crazy, and there is not a darn thing I can do about it, so I am not going to raise my blood pressure over things I have no control over. I have changed my attitude in the last year because so much has come my way that I have no control over. I have learned so many tough lessons the hard way, and because of those, I have changed. I am more open-minded, more responsible, and more dedicated to the things that matter. I have learned to expect the unexpected on a daily basis, and I have learned how to deal with situations I don’t necessarily plan. I have changed, there is no doubt about it, and as stressful as things get, I am happy with the person I have become. And Mondays, well who likes Mondays anyway?

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3 thoughts on “Don’t ya just love Mondays?

  1. It isn't just Mondays! LOL Glad you are able to keep a sense of humor, and not get overwhelmed by life's little tricks.Congrats on the new job/post.

  2. Funny, I had a similar day today and I have to say I put my head down and laughed out loud, too. No point in taking things to seriously.And in the end…it all worked out just fine!

  3. My "Monday morning" was moved to today. It was awful for about the first 3 hours. Ugh.I'm over it now but it does suck to start any day like that.

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