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The Sailor Mouth is Back!


Lately, my sailor mouth has been going off often and at the worst times. My nine year old brought this to my attention this morning (my nine year old told me I have a sailor mouth!) and if I am not careful, my nine year old with get suspended from school if he follows suit.

I have always been a courteous person, who thinks before she speaks, but lately, I have not been able to do that. Don’t ask me why, but lately four letter words have been coming out of my mouth uncontrollably. Granted, my hands have been full lately with school, work, my blog, my family life, etc., and I have just accepted an examiner position with online magazine. I know I am way in over my head, but I love to write and we also need the money.

And please, don’t tell me to stop trying to be Super Mom; you know that will never happen (Notice, the key word is TRYING!).  I will invent more hours in the day before that happens. 🙂 Now, I have to go back to focusing on thinking before I speak.

Note: Thie photo is courtesy of Thanks!


One thought on “The Sailor Mouth is Back!

  1. My hat's off to you for being "Super Mom". It's very hard just taking care of your family these days, but to do so while battling RA and going to school, all I can say is DAMN! Oops, there goes my sailor mouth

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