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Darn, the Insurance Denial for Pre-Existing Condition and Waiting Period!!!

I received a letter from my insurance company denying my Humira request due to a pre-condition waiting period. I am pulling together ALL the forms necessary for waiving or shortening the waiting period, but I am not thrilled with this. Has anyone gone through this frustration?

I am frustrated mostly because of how long it will take for me to get approved and start taking my Humira. It is the anticipation for waiting to feel better that is difficult to bear. With my conditions, sometimes it feels like I am going around in circles trying to get the answers I need, just  to simply feel better.

Any advice to hasten the process would be appreciated. Or if you have any ideas to help me keep my sanity intact so my sailor mouth doesn’t kick in as it did when I sorted through the mail Saturday in front my nine year old.

If you hear someone mumbling in French (Pardon my French), please excuse me.  It is not an uncontrollable reflex these days.


3 thoughts on “Darn, the Insurance Denial for Pre-Existing Condition and Waiting Period!!!

  1. Sorry. i don't have any great advice because we don't even have insurance. The coverage my husband's job offers has extremely expensive premiums and horrible coverage with high co-pays. Good luck though. I hope everything works out soon!

  2. with pre-existing conditions there are exceptions.if you've continously had coverage without a lapse..they cant use the pre-existing clause against you. have you had a lapse in coverage ? if so i just google"financial aid for humira" and many programs popped up. maybe one of them can help you.

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