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Yes, sometimes I curse

I am not by any means politically correct. When I have something to say, I say it, and it does always come out gracefully or even politely. I am the mother who tells my child to hit the bully back. I don’t sugar coat even with my own mother. Now I am not saying that I walk around cursing, but sometimes I curse. Not for fun, not intentionally, but I still do.

Think about that episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants called “Sailor Mouth” where Sponge Bob and Patrick learn a bad word and start repeating it and calling it a sentence enhancer. To my children, words like “stupid” and “hate” are bad words so I am careful about my “sentence enhancers.” Now, I am not saying that my children have never heard sentence enhancers, but by God, I know my saving grace. Like the other day, I found something in the back of my son’s closet and I uttered a big ol’ “F”&k” in front of my nine year old and quickly added a “dge” at the end making and trying to disguise the word as “fudge.” Or sometimes, I have to utter an “oot” sound when I stupidly utter the word “sh&t-oot.” My nine year is quick to jump at the sound an inappropriate word. This is the same child who can barely pronounce the word “inappropriate.”

I am human, and sometimes I curse. It is like an uncontrollable reflex. I don’t even rank anywhere between Roseanne and June Cleaver. I am like at the end of the spectrum, holding down the fort for Roseanne. When I was younger and less naïve, I was trying to reach June Cleaver, but I have learned a lot in my life, especially in recent years. I am who I am and I don’t need to change. I love the person that I have become. I am bold, I am strong, I am honest, and I am human. Sometimes I am not polite, sometimes I am not graceful, and sometimes, well, I curse, like a sailor.


4 thoughts on “Yes, sometimes I curse

  1. I cuss. Not so much on my blog, and try not to around children. But in everyday life, it slips out.I remember when my son was young and I'd let a bad word slip. He would look at me and tell me it was naughty. So I got into the habit of replacing all cuss words with "dirty word, dirty word". Drop a brick on my toe? "OMgoodness, DIRTY WORD DIRTY WORD!!!" It was comical when he started using it as well.

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