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One Word

Cecilia, over at My Life, My Story has challenged me to describe her blog in one word. Cecilia was challenged by Gwendolen.

The rules of the game are: you receive the challenge … so you describe this challenger’s blog with one word and also to link to this person. Then you have to challenge at least five other bloggers and let them know they are challenged!

I was challenged by Cecilia and I describe her blog as INSPIRING. My fellow blogger Cecilia was born and raised in Sweden. She is married and works as a preschool school teacher, and her blog is one that truly inspires.

The five bloggers I challenge are: Brady, at I am not your average soccer mom, because I know she will make this challenge interesting.

Lana, over at The Kids Did WHAT, because lately, she seems to be all blogged out, it looks like she is getting her groove back.

 Lana (yes, there are three of us), over at Lana’s Blog because she too is inspirational.

Yaya, over at Yaya Stuff, because I know she will do this challenge justice.

Last, Overwhelmed Working Mom, as if she isn’t overwhelmed enough.

Now, I am back to working on my Ethics paper for my master’s degree program.  


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