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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things That Parenting Has Taught Me (And that no textbook could)

1. The love of child is the purest kind of love out there.

2. Children know precisely the right moment when to put a smile on your face.

3. It is harder to watch a child fail, than to fail yourself.

4. The years go by faster than you think.

5. You can get more joy out of buying an expensive toy for your child than buying anything for yourself.

6. Money is worthless if you have no one to spend it on, and that children are priceless.

7. It is harder being a child than an adult.

8. It is okay to let them make their own decisions, even though you know they may fail.

9. You should always listen to your heart when it comes to raising your children and to trust their judgment over anyone else’s.

10. That even 9 year old boys can get their hearts broken by nine year old girls who won’t give them the time of day, and that you have no control over that.

11. That children are full of unpredictable emotions, and you find you are happy when they are happy or unhappy when you see they are sad.

12. That you can be yourself or be silly anytime you want.

13. That a gross dirt, worm-based cake made by your child is far better than any cake made at the finest bakery in town.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things That Parenting Has Taught Me (And that no textbook could)

  1. I hear you on #4 all the way- my son just turned 13! I was just saying to my gf on the phone today, it doesn't seem that long ago that I gave birth to him and now he is a teenager! Time flies with children, enjoy them while you can. They grow too quickly.I'm up too.

  2. I don't think I could have come up with a comprehensive list like this. Parenthood has brought so many new life lessons into my life…none I could have expected. It truly teaches you unconditional love!

  3. #5 – When my son was about four years old he wanted this leather motocycle jacket. It was more than we wanted to spend but bought it anyhow. Then he saw a leather vest in my two year old daughter's size and wanted it for her. We bought it. When we got home the two of them got on their plastic motorcycle and rode all over together. I will never forget that day! I remember thinking, "This money was spend well."

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