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D-Generation X is Back!

I don’t know about you but I have reason to celebrate. DX is back! It is time for the Shorty song and dance.

I am big Shawn Michaels’ fan and I believe that the WWE Universe needs DX. Here is how the Shawn Michaels return played out last night on Monday Night Raw.

I am a big Shawn Michaels and Triple H fan, looking forward to the DX come back, and I am not sure what the WWE would do with them. Last night, Raw was in Calgary, but Triple H was in Texas looking for his long lost tag team partner. Triple H finds Shawn Michaels working at an office building cafeteria. At first, he finds a guy who he thinks is Shawn and calls him “sexy boy,” but it turns out not to be he Shawn, but Triple H may have a date if he is interested. Triple H spots a little girl ringing a bell and demanding to be served her food. Who turns out to be the cook of the cafeteria? None other than Shawn Michaels! Shawn tells her to run along and mumbles something about it being “bring your child to work” day.

Triple H spots Shawn and wants to clarify that Shawn is a cook in a cafeteria. Shawn corrects Hunter (Triple H) and tells him he is a “chef.” Shawn tells Hunter he does not want to wrestle anymore so Triple H teases him by saying that he is a chef for “corporate nimrods.” Shawn tells Hunter that those corporate nimrods are his friends and they like him and respect him. Just then the same little girl that was complaining about her order throws tater tots at Shawn and tells him that the tater tots suck and that her dad is a VP.

Hunter reminds Shawn that he needs him to deal with the Legacy situation, but Shawn does not want to hear it and more importantly, he is good at what he does. Just then, Hunter points out that the grill is one fire and Shawn runs to put out the fire. After putting out the fire, Shawn tells Hunter he will entertain what he has to say.

Hunter talks to Shawn about all the reasons he should return, as the dynamic duo flip burgers. Hunter tells Shawn that he needs him to be at his side at Summer Slam and that DX needs to be reborn. Just then, Shawn’s boss comes out, calls him a nasty name and continues to berate him. Shawn can’t take it anymore and before the boss can fire him, he gives him some sweet chin music. (Sweet chin music is Shawn’s super kick move that consists of a high side thrust kick where the wrestler will use the sole of his foot to strike the opponent’s chin. In karate, this is often referred to as a crescent or side kick.)

Shawn then tells Hunter he is back and then, we see an old lady passes who says the DX catch phase. We are not allowed to state the DX catch phrase here at my blog because this is a family friendly place, but feel free to say it in your homes and more importantly, allow your children to say it at home, and ONLY at home. You can also hear it on this You Tube video.

So here you have folks, Shawn Michaels is back and DX is reborn. We will again be seeing Shawn Michaels on Monday Night Raw defending DX’s honor. My nine year old and I are excited – well I am more excited since I have a major crush on Shawn Michaels.


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