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Thursday Thirteen: 13 things you can find in my bathroom

1. My husband if I am not home
2. Toothpaste with the cap on, unless my husband has been visiting my bathroom
3. Shampoo and condition-whatever is on sale this week
4. A women’s razor or two in the shower
5. My husband’s hair in my sink – that is how I know he was in there
6. A pen and a note pad – I get all my great ideas when I get in there
7. A small painting of a wine bottle and a corkscrew – the closest I will get to getting drunk
8. A novel I would like to read when I can take a quiet bath without harassment from my family
9. A wrestling magazine with the Animal Dave Batista on the cover that I stole from my nine year old a few months back
10. Candles that I bought for that quiet relaxing bath I plan on taking
11. A Rascal Flatts CD that I keep saying I need to put in my car
12. Stuff that doesn’t belong there
13. My peace and quiet even though it only lasts a minute or two, along with my sanity

Happpy Thursday! To join in on all the fun, visit the offical home of Thursday Thirteen.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 things you can find in my bathroom

  1. Haha! I have a pad and pen in my bathroom too! I need to find a waterproof method of jotting down ideas while in the shower though – that's when all the good ones pop up.

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