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Why We Embrace Religion

I am by no means a religious person, but lately I have reached a point in my life where I get it what is all about. All my life I have practiced good will and the golden rule, and my belief in God has always been strong. However, I never prayed, didn’t attend religious services or practice my faith on a on daily basis and in every aspect of my life. I have watched other religious family members and wondered what the hype was all about. People reject religion for many reasons, mainly a fear of being controlled. There is also the accountability and consequences that all religions are comprised of and these can be a deterrent.

A strong driving force for religion is a human need for identity. Religion is also a great resource for emotional and physical strength. When people feel loneliness, frustration, failure, anger, hurt, they turn to religion to fill the void. Religion justifies all these feelings. Sometimes, we just need religion to heal ourselves or we use it as means to help others to heal.

Religion allows people to have some deep sense of being that goes further than anything created by any human. It is that feeling that there is more to life than what there is here on Earth. Religion forces us to consider other realities, our actions, life after death, and paradise. If there is an afterlife, such as heaven or hell, or reincarnation, then the life we have here on Earth is mediocre.

Quite often, our struggles lead us to wonder where is there is in fact a God or higher power to guide us. It is depends on what you want to believe. For everyone, his or her religion fills that void.

Lately, I found myself doubting my strength and wondering what I have done wrong to deserve the recent struggles in my life. I have done nothing, but sometimes God tests us to remind us that he is still there for us. I know that God is listening and watching me and one thing I know for sure is God waits for us to come to him to embrace his strength and ask for his guidance. I have never been a religious person, God-fearing, yes, but not religious. Lately, I found myself embracing my religion again, and not to view in the same way I did before. Maybe it me getting older and wiser –who know – but it has made me stronger in more ways than I could have ever imagined.


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