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Storms and Rainbows

The baby’s latest word is “backpack” as the Dora the Explorer “Backpack” song. My nine year old is getting excited about starting fourth grade. I am finally am starting to see the rainbow in the aftermath of the storm. The last few months and weeks have tested me in ways unimaginable and there were times when I was weak. Nevertheless, I survived the storms, and I found solutions in places I never knew I would. I am finally breathing a sigh of relief, and I know that there is a still a lot of work to do.

Every storm leaves damage behind, but it is now time to clean up. Before I was just trying to brave the storm and now I am dealing with the aftermath. Despite that, I know that the clouds have cleared and that rainbow is getting closer. Every storm leaves damage behind, but once the clean up starts, the healing begins. I am finally healing.

My husband and I have had a rough year, financially and emotionally. Our marriage has been tested, as has our faith. I have prayed and sought guidance. That prayer is what has kept me strong even it I thought I was weak. I look around and I see that “we” are still standing, stronger than ever, and I never want to look back. More importantly, I have learned to avoid the mistakes that put us in the eye of the storm in the first place.

I have learned who my friends are and I learned that families are there for a purpose.
I learned that marriages can survive.
I have learned that children keep you strong.
I have learned the power of prayer and how to trust in my faith.
I have found that God hears our prayers, and he tests us from time to time.
I have learned that sometimes you have to fall in order to find the strength to get up again.
I have learned to find joy in the little things.
I have seen a weak side of myself and I have seen a strong side.
I have learned what it takes to hold a marriage together and what it takes to tear it apart.
I have learned that enemies can be allies.
I have learned to that strangers can turn out to be good friends.

I have cried and I have cursed. But I am still standing. Yes, I am and with my dignity intact.

I listened to a complete stranger tell me the hell that he has been through and how he managed to get up again. Then, I told him my story and he told me that I, too, would through this.

America has been through a rough storm in the last few years. I am not alone. I am not the only one struggling with financial difficulties even though sometimes it feels like it. I have cried, I have healed, and every day, I heal more. So tonight, I pray, not for myself, but for every man, every woman, and every family who is struggling. We will get through this.

There are storms, but there are also rainbows and the rainbows are near.


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