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Getting it Done Friday #3: Stop Trying to Be Super Mom

As moms, we constantly have to keep a game face on. We do everything just because we have too. After all, is there anyone else willing to do it? Moreover, each and everyone Super Mom wears that super cape and … Continue reading

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Is your man gay?

Lately, one of my Google ads is a quiz about whether your man is gay. Apparently, mine is leaning between gay and not gay. Yes, I got sick of seeing the ad and decided to take the quiz. Go try … Continue reading

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My Pal Scout Recall

This is Scout and my 11th month loves Scout. He sleeps with Scout, he plays and sings with Scout, and Scout goes everywhere. My Pal Scout is an adorable green dog with plastic decals on its paws. When the decals … Continue reading

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Children of the Eighties

Are you a child of the Eighties? That is the name I prefer over Generation-X, a term created by some old fart over the age of 50 trying to figure out how to describe us. When I came home from … Continue reading

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Follow Friday #3 – Three Blogs I Have Stalked So Much, I Should Be Arrested

Here is another installment of Follow Friday. I stalked these blogs so much I should probably be arrested. I hope you enjoy these three as much as do. Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy takes superheroing to another level blogging … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Ways RA and Fibromyalgia Have Changed Me

1. I appreciate the little things, like being able to run in the park with my kids. 2. I have learned to ask for help when I need it. 3. I have learned to focus on my strengths and not … Continue reading

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The Power of Ten Brought to you by RA Guy

Thanks RA Guy for reminding us that we all have the ability to raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis. The Power of TenTake ten minutes over the next ten days and talk to at least ten people about rheumatoid arthritis. Real … Continue reading

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