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My Father

It will be fourteen years on August 31 since we said goodbye to him. He was only 53 years of age when he died after four years of battling with several conditions and illnesses. He only saw one grandchild. That is grandchild turned 15 last March. Since his death, he has gained 18 more grandchildren with the 19th one coming any day now. He is in heaven and we have never stopped missing him. I was not able to visit his grave today mostly because all the wonderful pains that come with having two chronic pain conditions, but he was not forgotten. He was on my mind all day and not having had a father around for 14 Father’s Days does not mean you forget. I know he watches over each of his seven children and maybe sometimes he frown, but mostly I know he is proud because despite losing our father when our ages were between 20 and 4 years of age, we still turned out to be decent adults. It is because of him and because we never forgot that values that he instilled in us.

So for everyone is missing their father today, remember fathers continue to watch over you even when they have passed away and to all fathers everywhere, here on earth and in heaven, Happy Father’s Day.


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