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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Fun, and Cedar Point

You like the title – two conditions that don’t necessary go with the fun and a trip to an amusement park. Yesterday, we went to Cedar Point, and it was definitely an adventure for someone like me dealing with RA and fibromyalgia. I am a thrill seeker as you see and I tried my best not to let RA and fibro get to me, but towards the end of the day, I wasn’t sure was possible. By the end of the day, my right foot (that would be RA) told me it was time to head home and my entire back (thank you fibro) told me it had had enough.

I did my best when it came to enjoying myself, but this morning proved otherwise. My feet look liked two blown up surgical gloves and back feels like it was pounded and punched repeatedly by a sumo wrestler. Thanks to those surgical gloves and that sumo wrestler, it was rather painful carrying a baby this morning.

Despite the pain, I don’t regret the trip or all the fun I had. I rode roller coasters and rides that I never thought I could ride – mostly, because I am a big ol’ chicken and I was worried of the affects of my conditions. I mean I never imagined myself on a wild roller coaster such as the Corkscrew or the Cedar Creek Mine Ride that left my nine year old yawning of boredom. The Corkscrew (this triple-looping classic was the first coaster to feature three loops and the first to travel directly over guests on a midway) has an aggressive thrill rating of five and it was the first ride I took my nine year old on. He was scared out his mind and kept begging me to turn around. Once the ride was over, he wanted to go another three runs. Next, we headed to the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, which only rates as a four for high thrill. It’s a runaway mine train filled with tight turns, family thrills and a helix finale. There was a seven year old in front of us, who laughed through the entire ride, while I held on for dear life.

We rode many other rides, but my two personal favorites (ones that my rheumatologist probably would frown upon) were the Power Tower and the Demon Drop. Both have an aggressive thrill rating. The Demon Drop Riders ascend to the top of Demon Drop’s 131-foot structure in six seconds. The car then creeps forward to the edge of the tower where it sits for several seconds and suddenly drops straight down 60 feet in less than two seconds! (I took all these descriptions from the Cedar Point website.) When it was over, I looked at my baby brother (he is almost 18 but always my baby brother) and said “is that all?” My absolute favorite was the amazing Power Tower. It was like a wild bungee jump at 240 feet. The description at the Cedar Point website describes it as follows: You can’t miss Power Tower: four 240-foot-tall towers topped with connecting arches. Two of the towers blast riders UP, while two will thrust riders DOWN — all in 3 seconds at more than 50 mph! Needless to say, it was an amazing experience especially once I conquered my fear of heights. My brother told me it was the perfect thrill ride for conquering that fear and he was definitely right.

Well this morning, I feel like I turned 70 years old over night due to all the pain in my back, my feet and my knees and those dreams/nightmares I had last night. And the nightmares, I don’t quite understand since I enjoyed myself and I really didn’t fear the safety of the rides. As for my husband, he indeed turned out to be a party pooper and I refused to try a single ride, not even the ones at 1 and 2 thrill levels. A big baby – he spent the entire day with that title. Even my nine month old rode some of the rides, including the Merry-Go-Round and had an amazing time. He hated being confined to his stroller especially now that he is learning to walk.

Yes and the company picnic, after all, this was a company event – as I predicted, the picnic looked like a high school cafeteria with everyone in their one clicks. Definitely different from my husband company where everyone socializes and top people make sure they socialize with all employees and their families. I have long hated the hierarchy in my company, but what I have learned is that you find that more in law offices than anywhere else. It would be nice to leave the entire line of work for that reason alone, but my passionate for the law is too strong. I just hope that when I do finally get to the top, I remember how hard I worked but mostly, I will remember where I came from and where I started.

Well folks, here is a synopsis of our trip to Cedar Point. I hope that the pain of the fun I had doesn’t affect me longer than today because I plan on taking another visit and pretty soon, and next time, we probably won’t take the party pooper/big baby. Until next time…


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