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Saturday at Cedar Point

We are at Cedar Point today (so don’t look for us – this means you – my little sister’s baby who is due any day now – you will have just got to wait to break out but auntie sends out *hugs and kisses, little S*!), and this post was scheduled for this morning where we have headed out or will be heading out around 9 a.m.

This is my law firm’s yearly company trip where everyone heads out on their own and ignores each other (snobs) at the afternoon picnic. The good news is someone else, besides poor and broke me, paid for the entire trip – the entrance to the park, the parking and the lunch, so needless to say, I, like every one of you, likes (it may even be loves) all things free.

If you live in Northeast Ohio or Southeast Michigan, Cedar Point is the place to go. I am sure that there are other places but those can be saved for those who can afford a vacation (mumbling on my breath).

Before you head out to Cedar Point, make sure you have downloaded this handy map, packed everyone else’s items for the trip (God knows they won’t do it), and have your sanity and patience with your kids, your supportive spouse, and the baby brother (who turns 18 next month-yes, they grow up so fast), checked before you lock that front door. I will be around early next week to tell you all about our trip and hopefully, RA and fibromyalgia (or my nerves for that matter) don’t ruin the trip for me.

Just an afterthought – Hopefully, certain people who I am not particularly fond of at work nor are they fond of me don’t try to talk to me or my talkative husband and the trip will remain un-ruined (Is that a word?).


One thought on “Saturday at Cedar Point

  1. gosh I hate those things! And I hate snobs! I hope you have a good day and all those snobs stay away from your husband…haha! Love it 🙂

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