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I love madlibs II

As you know, I love madlibs. They are a great time waster and this is my latest creation. Why don’t you stop by the madlibs page and create your own or you can always you the tab to the bottom right on my page.

Family Tree Mad Libs Copyright 2007 by Price Stern Sloan.

Car Trip Travails

Based on many bluish past experiences, this family should never take car men – certainly not together. The last time the seven of us were all in one girl (porn?), there were three horny arguments, a/an hunky fistfight, and a couple of bloody leg – and that was just on the drive to the local super-monkey. Recently, we were on our way to Grandma and Grandpa’s monster, which is at least a/an 13-hour drive away. Dad was pulling out of the driveway when my brother Steve and sister Nancy started to argue about who would read the Mad stinky and who would fill in the monsterous blanks. Dad brought the car to a/an crazy stop. He was so angry, smoke seemed to be coming out of his head. “One more pen out of any of you and this marker is over,” he snapped. “Now, any questions?” Our kid brother timidly raised his cellphone and asked, “Are we there yet?”

Thanks Nancy and Steve for unknowingly allowing me to make fools out of you and sorry about the porn. It just ended up that way. Make your own!

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