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Follow Friday – Three Blogs I Stalk and NOT just on Friday

I am not sure how others do their Follow Friday thing, but this is my going to be my mine. I am picky about what blogs I follow. Mostly, I follow blogs of people who are similar to me or have the same interests I do. Once in awhile, I follow bloggers who I feel are so darn idiotic that they are worth following. Hence, here is my first Follow Friday post, look for them at least once a month.

Without further ado, here is my Follow Friday Three Blogs I Stalk and NOT just on Friday choices:

The Adventures of Super Mega Dad Super Mega Dad (SMD) is an absolutely super dad who writes about his adventures in parenthood. SMD is married to Super Mommy and is Super Dad to Princess K and Super Michael and some of their adventures include: bedtime, field trips, homework, movies, poop, and sibling rivalry. One of the things I find most interesting about SMD is his vast knowledge of baby/kiddie talk. You would think he took Baby/Kiddie Language 100, 101 and 102, in addition to an advanced placement course on the topic. Here is a particular except from a blog post titled “So many blogs, so little time”. This is the blog post that got me hooked, and in case you are wondering, Super Mommy is feeling better these days.

“Sadly, Super Mega Mommy is still sick. The tummy still isn’t happy with her, and she’s even gained some more very interesting side issues which just add to the whole funness factor. If it’s not one thing, something new always comes to poke it’s germy head out. At this point in time, we’re just expecting the four horsemen to proclaim the beginning of the end is near and for all of humanity to shake with fear. She’s still going like a trooper though, and has even been going to work. Today, however, they kicked her out because she might spread her newest cooties around the office, but alas, after a quick check on Google and, it appears her cooties are done spreading willy nilly and have decided to tuck in for the long haul, so she’s allowed to grace her coworkers with her presence once again. She’s pretty bummed out because there was a good chance she was going to be able to work from home. I personally think she got the better deal, though. Otherwise, she would have been on potty duty with me. And believe me, potty duty isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Oh NO. Just a couple of hints on this one. Really wet, smelly toddler, and really wet, smelly carpets. I just shudder thinking about it. I mean, EWWWW! There has GOT to be an easier way. And THIS break from school, I PROMISE that we will keep up on doing school work. The last break, he forgot EVERYTHING he learned and it was a VERY painful month or so before we got back into the whole game again. It was like the dam sprung a leak and 1+1 just started leaking out of his ears. So, there you have it…my past couple of weeks in a nutshell…Germs, poop, and hissing. But, hey, it’s Spring time, the bunny is going to be laying some eggs here this weekend, and I’m a Super Star! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So if you in the mood to read about “germs, poop, hissing” and much more, be sure to check out Super Mega Dad’s Blog.

Not Your Average Soccer Mom Brandy is definately not your average soccer mom and her profile picture says it all. (Don’t believe me, go check it out!) Brandy is also a wife; stepmother to two; a grandmother, and an aunt to “3 bratty nephews and 1 beefy niece”! Brandy may have her hands full with all these family members, but she still makes time to entertain her followers, some posts serious, some funny and some downright outrageous. She has her Blog Fart Friday post up if you care for a laugh or two, or you may even end up having to visit the restroom. Brandy is also known to cause chaos and uproar – just take a long at this post titled “Provocative? Perhaps…” I think all the unexpected comments hit the spot, and clown porn, well you will just have to find that out for yourself.

Outnumbered The last of my Follow Friday pick’s is Jason’s Outnumbered. Jason is married and has two daughters and being the only man in a house full of females means headaches and heartaches for Jason. (Wait until they grow up, Jason.) Jason never imagined he would have daughters and of particular note is this post titled: “I suck…goodnight”. Here is an excerpt from that post:

“I love my daughters. They have completely changed me as a human being. I’m a much better man today because of what they’ve taught me. But… I don’t want to see their vagina. Not now. Not later. Not ever. I don’t mind the two second wipe here and there or the cute little naked dance they sometimes do after bath time. It’s the intricacies of the V that I need not endure. I don’t want to see it spread open. I don’t want to know that it itches or that it’s dirty. I certainly don’t want to hear my daughter tell me that there is a piece of skin in there that looks like a knot. Look away. Please. My eyes burn. Nothing to see here. This is where Mom starts earning her cash money. Thank you very much.”

Yes, Jason’s posts are all this wrapped up and crazy, but if you really want to find out, why not go and take a look-see at Jason’s blog. You will be hooked, I promise.

Well folks, here are my three Follow Friday picks, how about you? What are yours?


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