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Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things NOT To Do At Work

(Please feel free to do these things if you want to get dirty looks, written up, suspended or even fired.)

1) Ignore anyone who says “Good Morning” to you. For an added bonus, glare at them.

2) Call your boss on the telephone, say your name and then say “I just called to tell you I can’t talk to you right now. Bye.” Don’t wait for a response and hang up.

3) Leave your fly open all day and when and if someone points it out, tell that you prefer it that way since it lets out odor.

4) If you are in a middle of a meeting, suddenly shout “bingo!” and then quietly sit down.

5) Shout to your boss “I like your style” and give him or her a thumbs up sign.

6) Walk sideways to the copy room and give a thumbs-up sign to everyone who looks at you like you have gone nuts.

7) Copy your butt at the copier and leave the copy at the machine. (This is a sure way to get fired.)

8) Turn on the faucet in the break room, kneel down and drink directly from the faucet.

9) At the end of a meeting, suggest the National Anthem be sung and then start singing.

10) Walk into a busy meeting and switch the lights and off until someone asks you to stop and then walk out.

11) Carry your keyboard over to a co-worker and ask if they want to trade.

12) Hang a 2 foot long piece of toilet paper from the back of your pants and act really surprised when someone points it out and just for show, let all your blog followers know how long it took for someone to notice.

13) For a sure way to get fired – disappear into the bathroom and emerge with your pants over your head. Then start dancing around in front of your co-workers/boss around the office. Make airplane noises for an added bonus and then return to the bathroom, get dressed and return to your desk/work space as if nothing happened.

Happy Thursday everyone! To join on in on all the fun, visit the official home of Thursday Thirteen.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things NOT To Do At Work

  1. Alice, No. 7 – Copy your butt at the copier and leave the copy at the machine.We walked in day and it was at the copier. It even had a tatto of a heart.But anyway, we never found out who did it

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