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Tell Matt Hardy to Stay Home or Be Forcibly Removed

Like the next person, I want to see a fair fight but that involves Matt Hardy staying out of his little brother Jeff’s way. On Sunday, June 7, Jeff Hardy will be allowed to redeem himself in another opportunity for the World Heavy Championship in a Ladder Match against the current champion, Edge. Just when we thought the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Edge would end at Judgment Day, Matt Hardy’s interference made that easier said than done when he rendered Jeff unconscious and allowed Edge to carry unconscious Jeff into the ring for the pin and the win. Matt’s actions left the WWE universe uncertain of who should be holding the championship belt. So for the third time this year, Edge and Jeff Hardy will be battling for the World Heavy Weight Championship. At all these attempts, starting at the Royal Rumble, Matt Hardy inferred and Jeff lost all three matches.

Without any solution to who should be holding the belt, SmackDown GM Theodore Long addressed the issue by setting a rematch between Edge and Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules. Moreover, after the announcement of the match, Jeff Hardy suggested a match between the two and the winner decide the rules for the match to be held on June 7. After winning that match on last Friday’s SmackDown, Jeff Hardy chose a ladder match in which the two contenders would face off for the World Heavy Weight Championship. Neither contender is a stranger to ladder matches and both have won many ladder matches so Extreme Rules Ladder Match could be one of the greatest ladder matches ever.

The question now remains, where will Matt Hardy be? My suggestion to Matt: Stay Home or Be Forcibly Removed.

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