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Matt Hardy Strikes Again…

Just when you thought it was over. As my nine year says, “it will never be over.”

Last night, Judgment Day 2009, Chicago, Jeff Hardy was again betrayed by his brother, Matt, allowing Edge, The Ultimate Opportunist, to keep his World Heavyweight Championship. It appeared that Jeff was winning the match and put a valiant effort in, but Jeff’s brother changed the course of the match when he hit Jeff in the head with his heavy cast knocking Jeff unconscious, something the referee did not see. After the attack, Edge was able to carry an unconscious Jeff back into the ring, pin him and keep his title.

Matt not only hurt his brother physically, but he also smashed his brother’s dream of regaining his former title, yet again, and as he did at the Royal Rumble several months prior. Ever since the Royal Rumble match, Jeff has been burdened by Matt’s betrayal that was thought to have been settled at Backlash when Jeff finally got revenge by winning the emotionally charged “I Quit” match forcing Matt Hardy to utter the words “I Quit!”

There is a good possibility that if Matt had not intervened Jeff would be walking away the World Heavyweight Championship last night. As for Edge, he is the Ultimate Opportunist and as fans know, Edge will seize an opportunity when given that option. For this, he is a nine-time world champion and is on top of his game, though not too liked by fans, including my son and I.

Jeff Hardy will not give up until he regains his title and I am pretty sure the Jeff and Matt Hardy feud is not over just yet and with the Extremes Rules event airing June 7, 2009, we are sure to see another Hardy vs. Hardy match and a high Direct TV bill, as noted by my darling husband.

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