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Who Quit?

Yesterday’s Backlash match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy started when Jeff entered with no face paint. Apparently, the outcome of this match was to determine whether Jeff Hardy would renew his contract with the WWE. Jeff takes control right from the start of the match and gets Matt outside the ring and hits a plancha. (A plancha is accepted term in American wrestling for a slingshot crossbody where the wrestler goes from the inside of the ring over the top ring rope to the outside.) He then sends Matt against a ring barrier. Next, Jeff gets Matt back into the ring and delivers a mule kick. Jeff continues to dominate the match. At one point, Matt gains the advantage and Matt gets Jeff into a figure four lock but Jeff refuses to quit. (A figure-four neck lock is when one opponent wraps his legs around the neck of the other. Basically – a head lock or choke.) Jeff eventually turns over this move and takes the advantage.

Jeff than uses a Texas Clover Leaf move and Matt taps out but the referee won’t stop because Matt does not utter the words “I quit.” (According to Wikipedia, this move is when the wrestler stands at the feet of his opponent, grabs the opponent’s legs and lifts them up. The wrestler then bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. With the same arm, they reach around the ankle and through the opening formed by the legs, and lock their hands together. The wrestler then steps over his opponent, turning the opponent over as in a sharpshooter and proceeds to squat and lean back. The hold compresses the legs, flexes the spine, and stretches the abdomen.) The ref asks Matt if he wants to quit and he says he won’t. Jeff hits a twist of fate (The the wrestler first applies a front facelock, the wrestler tucks their arm under the opponents chin after pivoting 180 degrees inward and bringing themselves into the cutter. The Twist of Fate was innovated and popularized by Matt Hardy and was most famously used by all the members of Team Xtreme: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Lita) and follows it with a swanton bomb. Matt still refuses to quit and Jeff follows with a second swanton (In this move, the attacking wrestler executes a quick front somersault off the top turnbuckle, before landing on the opponent back-first as in a regular senton. It can also be performed from a standing position.)

At this point, Jeff goes outside the ring and brings back into the ring a table. Before he gets an opportunity to use the table, both brothers are back outside the ring and Jeff hits Matt with a twist of fate and throws Matt back into the ring. Jeff sets Matt up on the table and goes back under the ring and grabs duct tape and a rope! He duct tapes Matt’s feet together on the table, and then duct tapes Matt’s wrists together. He then ties Matt up to the table with the rope. He then gets a ladder and climbs the top. By this point, Matt is apologizing and says he loves Jeff. Matt keeps saying he loves Jeff who listens. Matt tells Jeff that their parents would not want this. Before Jeff can jump off the ladder, Matt says he is ready to quit. Jeff splashes Matt on the table anyway.

Jeff is the winner of this match. Well, I am glad this feud is over-for now. My nine year old is even more relieved.

For more information of on the moves and holds in professional wrestling, visit the following links.

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Wrestling – yet another reason I love being a mom to boys.


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