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Another (and probably the last) chapter in the Brother vs. Brother Saga

On April 10, Matt and Jeff Hardy continued their feud right where they left off at Wrestlemania 25 with an exhausting first-ever stretcher match. Matt defeated Jeff in this match.

Last Friday night on Smack Down, it was Matt Hardy and Kane against Jeff Hardy and C.M. Punk. Jeff started out in the ring with Kane. Matt took advantage of Jeff’s torture by Kane, jumping him and hitting Jeff with moves that Jeff could hardly survive. This was one boring match and all it did was tire Jeff Hardy and put me to sleep. Eventually Matt got the pin fall for another victory against Jeff.

Matt and Jeff are going to get one more opportunity at Backlash today to see which brother will quit. Matt Hardy feels that he is “the superior Hardy” and he is motivated by jealousy and anger, Matt is going to do everything in his power to prove his superiority and erase Jeff Hardy “from memory.” The Extreme Rules match at Wrestlemania 25 and the Stretcher match a couple weeks back were not enough to end the emotional rage that we have seen in the last few months. The brothers have paid no regard to referees or rules and only continue attacks every week on one another. The match at Backlash will be no different. In fact, there will be no pin falls, no count-outs nor disqualifications.

Simply, the “I Quit” Match will allow the brothers to duel until one of them utters the two words: “I quit” and from what we have seen in recent weeks, it could be either brother.

I think the winner of this match will be Jeff Hardy and this match will be the end of the feud. Who isn’t getting tired of the feud between the two brothers? Perhaps Papa Hardy will come by and stop this match before it starts. Matt Hardy is on his way to Monday Night Raw this Monday and it is predicted that he will reignite his old feud with MVP. And the sooner the better – because the Jeff-Matt Hardy feud has been trying my nine year old’s patience. And that is good news since I can now find a new WWE feud to focus on – like the one currently brewing between long time rivals, Edge and John Cena.


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