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I was tagged so I thought I would get it over with!

My Ten Favorite Movie Characters

I was tagged by Lana over at The Kids Did WHAT? Lana is one of those mommy bloggers that keep me sane. She was tagged by Super Mega Dad.

Here I am trying to come up with a list of my favorite movie characters and why I think they are cool (do the kids actually say “cool” anywhere?) Needless to say, I am getting old and I don’t spend much time watching movies. The last movie I watched was John Cena’s 12 Rounds with my nine year old – his movie choice.

Drumroll, please… (Don’t forget to pause the playlist.)

1. Scott Baio – Bugsy Malone
I am a big Scott Baio fan but I absolutely love his early days including an earlier movie called “Luke Was There”, which I have not been able to find in years. Maybe Scott can get me a copy since I have been a fan since I was nine years old.

2. Robert Patrick – The Marine
Any movie with Robert Patrick is awesome. He is such a convincing actor. If I met him on the street, he could convince me of anything even if he said the sky is red.

3. Dakota Fanning as Rachel Ferrier in War of the Worlds
Does anyone believe she is only like nine years old (not really sure how old she is)? Her work is for the history books.

4. Sandra Bullock -Premonition
The entire movie is powerful. You are always on the edge of your seat trying to piece it together.

6. Keanu Reeves – The Matrix Trilogy
It is Keanu Reeves – Need I say more? I also love The Lake House with him and Sandra Bullock but I couldn’t find any videos to go with this movie.

7. Matt Damon -all the Bourne movies
I actually tuned in when the last of the trilogy came out and then I went back to watch the rest. Jason Bourne always leaves you breathless and hanging on the edge of his seat wondering whether he will get caught.

8. Jackie Chan and Chris Rock – All the Rush Hour Movies
Comedy at its finest! Remember the old Beverly Hills Cop movies – rank the same in my book!

9. The Simpsons Movie – The entire Simpson Family
My favorite part is where Homer goes looking for his family. Never knew he had it in him.

10. Anything with Kal Penn – Comedy or Drama
The Namesake – I love when Kal Penn’s plays a serious role. I also love the history lesson that came with this movie.

Harold and Kumar- Escape from Guantanamo Bay
I saw the first Harold and Kumar movie too. I am in anticipation of how funny the 3rd one will be. I especially love how they left off where the old one ended.
(Warning! Explicit Language)
Scene – Neil Patrick Harris Dead!

Scene – The Interrogation

The five bloggers I tag are: (I need that second drumroll.)

Michelle from the Adventures of Super Mom

Lana at Lana’s Blog (Apparently, there is three of us!)

Chris at Embracing my Inner Geek

Mo at Being Mom2Amara

Melissa at Hope Floats

This turned out to be a major task! Thanks Lana! This helped since I was having writer’s block. Hence, my previous post (scroll down).


6 thoughts on “I was tagged so I thought I would get it over with!

  1. Thanks for tagging me!! This looks like fun, although I think it will take me a while to get it posted, but I will do it!! Check back later this afternoon or tonight!! Lana

  2. I’m horrible about tags. When I tried to think about the last movie I saw, I couldn’t even think back that far…now if I could tell you my favorite documentaries, your on.Thanks for thinking of me!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I promise to get off my blogging behind soon to do the meme…and update the blog… :)BTW, I love the Harold and Kumar movies too!

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