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Thursday 13

Thirteen Things That Make My Husband Nervous

1. The toilet seat being up in my bathroom. And after he uses my bathroom since he is not allowed.

2. Changing the baby’s diaper. Somehow, they both end up wet or worse.

3. Spending the day with the kids. Somehow the kids always end up being in charge.

4. Sporting events – He is not the athletic type.

5. Finding his desk clean and organized – now he will never find anything!

6. Mismatched socks – what if someone sees them?

7. Ties –he can’t breathe, so he says.

8. The wrong shaving cream – poor baby, the other brands make him itchy.

9. Folding laundry – ever seen a man fold laundry?

10. When I tell him I am going to leave him for Kiefer Sutherland.

11. My family – I don’t blame him.

12. My mother – he usually hides, once even in the closet. In his defense, my mom is mean, really, really mean-like he is not good enough mean.

13. His family – he hides when they visit too, once in the laundry room. In his defense, that was the time his brother was looking for him to participate in a charity baseball game. He started having reoccuring dreams about his not so eloquent, ackward teen years.

To join in on the fun, go to the official home of Thursday Thirteen.


12 thoughts on “Thursday 13

  1. The 2nd one on your list is too good. I can tell you horror stories with that and my hubby [but that was years and years ago!]My 13 is posted….all flowers in our yard, done in a collage for you. Drop by if you can find time. Happy Thursday.

  2. I see my husband in a lot of your list… #8- My husband is very high maintenance, he has to use special shampoo, shaving cream, mouthwash, soap… all the while I use store brand EVERYTHING! Also, my husband swears it is not physically possible for a man to fold laundry. I might tend to agree if he hasn’t figured it out after 34 years!

  3. That list is too funny!My husband had the worst luck with our kids. I never got peed or pooped on but he always did, LOL.T13 – 54th EditionWeekly Plans: Come join in the fun

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