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Whose hit list are you on?

Who have you recently ticked off? This morning I realized that I live to put people in their place, right or wrong, I am doing it more and more often. It could be the lack of sleep, it could be the stress or it could be that I am just being me. This morning I spoke rather “nasty” (that is what the manager said) to one of the crew people at McDonalds for giving me the wrong coffee. I ordered a hazelnut latté and I got a coffee with way too much sugar. It brought me to the realization that I am pretty sure that I am not well-liked and I may even be on a hit list or two, maybe even three.

Ten People Whose Hit Lists I May Be On (Not in any specific order)
1. The school bully’s grandmother-she and I have butted heads on several occasions. She says “boys will be boys” and I say, “Your grandson needs better parenting”.
2. The director of my son’s previous daycare – I contacted her bosses several times because she kept minimizing the bully issues at the daycare. Finally, I told her to screw herself (not this politely either) and changed daycares.
3. Definitely all the people at the local McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Domino’s Pizza, etc.
4. My mother – yeah, it has been like that for years. As she puts it, I went from being a rebellious child to an impolite adult. (That is what happens when you say it how you see it! I was raised by parents with strong religious values – way too strong – but that is the short version, the long version will be in book form, as soon as a I find a publisher.)
5. My brother and his wife – god only knows. I will check in with CTU to see if they have any intel.
6. My ex-husband and his new wife – I will keep those reasons to myself. Those are top-secret, government classified.
7. My husband’s ex-wife – I have put her in her place on many occasions and told her that “my husband’s money is not hers” (it would be mine) and that when I married my husband, my step-son was part of the package and she was NOT.
8. The manager at my condo association for questioning her and the board’s decisions. Apparently, they believe any “uprising” that the condo owners participate in is my fault. I just made a few suggestions. I never told the condo owners to be pissed off.
9. Everyone at my son’s school who thinks I am a “Jewish mother”. What they call Jewish mothering a.k.a. helicopter parenting, I call good parenting.
10. And one of the attorneys who I have recently been forced to work for by the firm because no one else is willing to do it. Sometimes, there are people who need to be put in their place. Her previous secretary nearly quit because of the fact that she was belittled by her on a daily basis. No one belittles me and gets away with it. And, there might be one more – Stewie from Family Guy since I banned my nine-year old from watching. Okay, there are the ten people whose hit lists I may be on. I am sure there are others but unlike Jack Bauer, those may not be so obvious.

Updated -The following took place between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.- Since some jerk (as commented below) thinks I have personal problems, I just wanted everyone else (who doesn’t usually read my blog) to know that I always write about nonsense so I do not need a Psychologist, but thank you for offering! And my apologies, if you do not have a sense of humor! This is just my way of making humor out of the stupid things I often say or do. Without humor, what good is life!


4 thoughts on “Whose hit list are you on?

  1. I think you need to open your eyes and realize you are not GOD, if you do not get along with your mother and brother and other people maybe it is YOU that needs to make changes!

  2. Well anonymous, this post wasn’t asking for advice and second, I didn’t ask anyone to change. I was clearing saying that sometimes I need to chill out! And I sure don’t need a pyscho-analysis – I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. And by the way, I get along with my mom, we just butt heads occassionally. If you read previous posts, you would know that.

  3. i love it hell if i made a hit list it would take all day i’m glad to know i’m not the only person who tells it like it is ,calls it like i see it ,butts heads how ever you want to put it it needs to be go mom i’m with you honey

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