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Dear Anonymous

Freedom of speech is one of the single most important guarantees given to us by the United States Constitution. It is an assurance that many have given their lives to protect. The majority of us agree that everyone has a right to let their viewpoints be known on any and all subjects.

That right should be respected, but I feel that there is should be one exception. If it is important enough for you to express your opinion – it should be something you are not ashamed to put your name to. I find it sad that so many “commenters” (those who give their opinions on persons and subjects offered on my blog, your blog and all blogs alike) hide their comments behind pseudonyms, like “anonymous”.

Do you really NOT want those who know you to see the words and read the opinions that truly represent how you feel and who you are? That seems so hypocritical to me. Perhaps you are simply venting out of disgust and anger and would prefer to keep that spite “undercover”? This is certainly your right. Additionally, I, as the blog owner, have a right to moderate comments as well as delete them if I find them inappropriate, mean or down-right stupid. I am also truly sorry that there are those among us who are rude and mean-spirited. F.Y.I. – in case your parents didn’t teach you – personal attacks are unnecessary and downright childish.

One final thought: If you have to come across the anonymous expression or personal hatred of one, such as I did recently, you should consider the lack of courage the anonymous commenter displayed when he or she hit the “submit” button!

Sincerely yours,
The Owner of this Blog

P.S. Followers, Bloggers, and anyone interested, feel free to Plagiarize this post and let your anonymous commenters know how you feel.


3 thoughts on “Dear Anonymous

  1. childish games on blogs are not funny. THose people who comment to hurt feelings need to get a real life and not the one they think is entertaining through hurting other people’s feelings.Nice post thanks for the read. I know someone who was blog stalked I’m going to direct her here.

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