Not Me! Monday!

Ten Things I DID NOT Do! Not Me!

1. I did not curse at the stupid Blog Frog!
2. I did not spend a sleepless weekend with a teething infant.
3. I did not curse at my husband for sleeping through it.
4. I did not curse the daylight this morning because I did not sleep all weekend.
5. I did not curse all the drivers on the round this morning because I did not sleep all weekend due to having a teething infant.
6. I did not curse the makes of Tylenol and Orajel for wasting my weekend. Can’t they make products that actually work?
7. I did not grumble to everyone I saw this morning due to a sleepless weekend.

8. I did not curse the BBC America producers for not releasing Dr. Who in the USA as they did in England.
9. I did not manage to find the entire first episode of the new season of Dr. Who (in six You Tube videos. I did not watch it while dealing with a teething baby.
10. I did not curse the makers of Dr. Who for letting David Tennant leave the show and I did not yell at them that he is the best actor to ever play the doctor.

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5 Responses to Not Me! Monday!

  1. Lana says:

    Great not me Monday! I’m glad to find another Lana…that makes 3 of us bloggers that are Lanas!!

  2. I am sure there are more of us! And to thing, growing up I was the only Lana I knew. Makes a difference when you look at a bigger group of people.

  3. Lana says:

    Well I hope you do “not” get some decent sleep soon!I have heard that yelling/cursing at the TV or computer is a sign of intelligence…I must be the smartest person I know if that’s the case… haha.I only ever met one other Lana. That was in highschool. And it felt really weird!

  4. Brandy says:

    I don’t do well without sleep either and today I’m suffering bad from a holiday hangover. Good thing I work by myself! LOL!I hope your day got better. I just noticed you were a new follower so I came to check you out. I’ll be back!!And that’s not supposed to be a warning per say, but you never know with me.

  5. Yup, three Lanas in one place scary.Brandy – I believe you. Tha picture says alot. 🙂

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