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Is it worse on mom or baby? We haven’t slept well in two days.

3 thoughts on “Teething

  1. found u on twitter momsI too have been going through teething nights. I can’t stand the screaming and I feel so bad for baby. Orijel and Motrin together sometimes helps

  2. wow i wish i knew what to say i didnt have a problem with my baby j teething.she cut her first tooth by the time she was three months old and then she cut 4 all at one time.i just always made sure i had some of the frozen teething rings in the freezer and she chewed on thos like they were going out of style.i also took a raw carrott and shaved it and cut the ends off and gave her that when she was just chillin in her boucey seat and she loved those.i hope you find something that works god bless

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