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I Love Mad Libs

I have since I was a kid. I went to and created this:

T.V. Listing

7:00 P.M- Toys Swap 2 families switch lives and experience some irritated and mahogany results that will warm your monkey

8:00 P.M- Who wants to Marry George Coolney 92,000 contestants will compete to win the funny bone of George Coolney. This week Phil and John compete to find out who is more unpleasant and George Coolney will reward the winner with a very wet pumpkin

9:00 P.M- She moved In the hippo An original movie starring Paris Hilton as a/an toothless and peach dancer who lost touch with his/her Mom, and his/her one-dimensional struggle to 257 the past. A story of friendship, thrill, and crayons. Also starring Dora the Explorer as his/her rotten spouse.

11:00 P.M- True Life- ‘I’m addicted to hair clips!’ one billion young people talk about their experiences with schools and feelings.

12:00 A.M- Dr. 44444 In this episode of Dr. 44444 a/an stinky woman wants to get her rear enlarged so she will look more chunky A single mom wants work on her thigh so she will look like Dr. Phil. Also, a/an purple hairy man needs reconstruction on his nose and ear to recover after a/an flower accident.

 So what do you think? You want to join the fun? Ah, you know you want to! I got a little silly after watching Dr. Who. David Tennant has that effect on me.

3 thoughts on “I Love Mad Libs

  1. We are HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS Doctor Who fans. The first episode on the new season aired last night on British TV. Too bad David only has a few more shows left before his replacement comes into play.

  2. OMG I LOVE Mad Libs, too! I have forever! My husband can't stand them. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play! I'm an activity director at a nursing home, and whenever I am in charge of News & Brews (our morning coffee club), I always take Mad Libs along! They love it! Thank you for mentioning Mad Libs! Love it!Kelly :0)

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