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Blogging Ideas for When You Are All Blogged Out

We all get writer’s blog once in awhile. Well, not me, or I do, but when I do get writer’s block, I write about nonsense like at this very minute. Okay, here is a question for you – have you ever posted what you thought was the best post only to get no responses at all? How about those nonsense posts that seem to always get us killer results? Yeah, you all know what I mean! Been there, done that. Here are some great blogging ideas to get mental juices flowing so you can write that killer post.

1. Lists – Top ten lists are awesome. I posted a couple recently. Scroll lower and you will see those – 10 things that make me go “huh?” and the 10 things that make my nine year old go “huh?” And don’t forget those Thursday 13 lists – everyone loves those.

2. How to – Tell people how to do things (and don’t be too bossy). It’s easy. You can get inspiration from visiting internet forums/discussions or write about an area of expertise like your bug/stamp/paperclip collection.

3. Interview someone – it could be your five year old, your grandmother, or even someone famous, like Jack Bauer. (Keifer, who?)

4. Reviews – Pick a product or service and talk about. If you just recently bought a new cell, like the G4/7/8 (whatever G those kids are carrying around these days), people want to hear about it. If you write good reviews, companies might actually contact you to post reviews for their products.

5. Case studies and research results– boring, but depends on your audience. You can post surveys too and then discuss the results of those! You can ask people anything and they will respond! You can even ask if they like your Aunt Matilda or they like that new butt/boob/tummy-tuck job you just had done.

6. New trends – blog about exciting new trends such as blogging, spam advertising, social networking, and whatever else those youngins are doing talking these days, etc.

7. Write about controversial topics that you know will drive people crazy and that will force debate. Like why Paris Hilton didn’t win the 2008 election when most of ballots had write-ins for her.

8. Ask your readers – ask questions and encourage response. You can ask them whether you should trim your toe/fingernails or not – after all, that woman that was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fingernails just lost them in an auto accident. Amazing, how she wasn’t hurt-expect for fingers -we all know how much it hurts when you break a nail.

Last and probably the best alternative, go to someone else’s blog, that someone that always seems to get many responses to their “boring” posts (like that football player or cheerleader back in high school), and steal their ideas. You really can’t tick them off too much and they can’t sue you because you are only stealing/plagiarizing/copyrighting their ideas, not their entire post.

And when all these fail, WRITE ABOUT NONSENSE. People love nonsense – believe me, I know. Happy Blogging!


One thought on “Blogging Ideas for When You Are All Blogged Out

  1. Some great ideas, I don’t run out of ideas often since I have 3 kids and a husband for endless fodder! But, at some point, I may have to come back to this list. Oh, and I hate it when I pour my hear and soul into a post and just get… crickets! Damn my audience, don’t they know they brilliance I am bestowing upon them???

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