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Ten Things That Make My Nine-Year Old Go “HUH?”

10. Explaining to him why he is always hungry? HUH? Go figure, it has nothing to do with the fact he can’t sit still and his body is always burning calories, thus he is always hungry.

9. The fact that I refuse to wrestle with him. HUH? Go figure, mom does not want to wrestle.

8. John Cena losing a match. HUH?

7. Why when he demands something he does not always get it. HUH?

6. That best friends actually do fight. HUH?

5. That his mom actually was a kid once and that is why she knows what he is up to. HUH?

4. Why Mom doesn’t buy hard candy and why grandma does. HUH?

3. Grandma’s hard candy. Need I say more? HUH?

2. The explanation I give him when he asks why he should make his bed if he is going to mess it up again when he goes to bed at night. HUH?

And the number 1 thing that makes my son say “HUH?”-The reasons why his mom can’t just use her “unlimited” credit card to buy him the most expensive toy at Toys R Us.

One more thing – clowns. He just doesn’t get clowns. BIG HUH?


2 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make My Nine-Year Old Go “HUH?”

  1. I don’t make my bed either, and no explanation will ever make sense to me as to WHY!! shh… don’t tell anybody. And yes, I make my kids do it. HUH? lol! Cute post.

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