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Brothers – Part 4 – Hardy Showdown, With Dad Watching

For those you read my blog often, you know how much I LOVE wrestling. I have been trying for the past couple of days to brag about the rather expensive WrestleMania 25 we watched on pay-per-view this Sunday, but I haven’t had the oppurtunity UNTIL NOW. So, while I am eating my dry tabouli (needs more dressing), you get to hear the next chapter in the Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy dramatic storyline that has totally fascinated me and is driving my nine year old crazy. My son has taken much offense in the feud between the two and currently hates Matt Hardy and has informed me on several occasions that “big brothers should take care of little brothers”. Wonderful words of wisdom – might I add.

Sunday’s match between the two Hardy Brothers was an “Extreme Rules Match” meaning everything goes. An Extreme Rules Match is more like a street fight. Matt comes out first with most angry look on his face. Then out comes little brother Jeff with his “No More Words” theme song playing and his is face painted. The brothers exchange words in the middle of the ring with older brother Matt doing most of the talking. The bell rings and Jeff slaps Matt and tackles him down. They go to the floor and Jeff smashes a big WrestleMania framed poster over Matt’s head. Jeff tosses a trash can at his brother and then Jeff leaps onto his brother who ends up in the fan barrier.

After a series of almost wins for Jeff and Matt, that include Jeff hitting Matt with a chair and knocking him out, a vacuum cleaner that Matt uses to knock Jeff out, and Jeff placing an unconscious Matt between two tables and jumping onto the first table right on top of Matt, both brothers are knocked unconscious onto the floor. Jeff regains consciousness and pulls his brother into the ring. After Jeff brings Matt into the ring, he brings in two ladders, one shorter than the other. After hitting Matt with a chair, Jeff then climbs the shorter ladder and uses the tall one to leap to land on Matt. Matt moves out of the way and Jeff is knocked out. The referee checks on the two men to see if they need medical attention. Matt pulls Jeff up and puts a chair around Jeff’s neck. Matt hits a Twist of Fate with the chair and gets the pin fall and the win. I projected that Jeff would win, but this outcome only means the storyline is continuing and Matt has unleashed a monster in Jeff that may be difficult to stop.

For the fans that are consumed by the storyline, the Hardy feud is personal. For their father, Gil Hardy, it is just business. As part of the storyline, Jeff was interviewed by WWE magazine and told the fans that his father called him and begged him not to fight to his brother. Gil also tried to contact Matt for four days, but Matt would not take his calls. As millions of fans watched on Sunday, Gil Hardy watched too and so did their mom, Ruby Mae Moore and Jeff’s dog, Jack from, of course, that great big house above. So as for my last post, Brothers III – Where is Mama Hardy?,well, I didn’t realize that she had already gone home. (I should ask my son these questions since he usually has the answers.)


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