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10 Nonsense Things that make me go “HUH?”

(Pic -Mike Myers’Movie – Things that make you go HUH?)

1. Everything my husband sleeps through, including an argument. The baby is crying and he sleeps. The alarm can go off for hours and he sleeps. Good lord, sometimes I think he is dead! HUH?

2. The contractor that did work in my bathroom last week and managed to break the toilet. HUH? But guess what, we got a new toilet out of it – no cost to me!

3. The fact that my boss thinks we are friends. She even says “I like to think that we are friends”. HUH? In a relationship where someone tells you what to do, complains all the time about the work product and somehow thinks they control your every move, there is no friendship there. As defined by tort law, master-servant relationship – I think not.

4. My seventh month old’s new hobby – tumbling through the long hallway between the bedrooms of our condo and tumbling back. He giggles through it all while my nine year cheers him on as if he is running a marathon. HUH?

5. Any Jim Mantel, Mantel Moment. HUH?

6. Why it always snows in Cleveland around Easter even though the weather has been nice for weeks. Only in Cleveland do you turn your heat on, then off, then your AC on and then off, and then your heat back up again, all the same day. HUH? Go figure!

7. Why my nine year old refuses to wear a coat. As he tells me, “It is spring; no one wears winter coats in spring”. I tell him it is winter, and says, no, it isn’t. He is right, you know – HUH?

8. Why our President is smart enough to say it how he sees it. Ever seen politicians these days do that? SIGH sarcastically. What has our world come to? When a president of a superpower says it how he sees it? Don’t care – I likety like it! What is wrong with saying what is on your mind! HUH?

9. Why my mother, despite being told over and over by my nine year old for eight years straight, (yes, even before he could talk) stills thinks unplugging a computer is the best way to turn if off. HUH?

10. And the last thing that makes me go HUH? – The fact that all my revelations (and great blogging ideas) only come to me when I am in the bathroom when I can’t even write them down. I should consider putting a pen and pad in the bathroom.

But wait there is one more! The ADD song! Definitely HUH?


2 thoughts on “10 Nonsense Things that make me go “HUH?”

  1. Ha, my eight year old wants to wear skirts & dresses (AND no coat) and I keep having the whole winter/spring argument… good thing parents can just throw out the "Because I said so" card.

  2. Michele – My son is going to be a lawyer when he grows up. The “I told you so” card doesn’t work in my house. And when I tell him not to be a smarty pants, he tells me “can you prove I was a smarty pants?” Go figure. Kids today!

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