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Taking a Break

Horoscope for March 18, 2009
If you find yourself tired and irritable at the moment, Lana, you should know that this is normal. You may have had a few months that were a little too studious. Would you like to continue on with the same rhythm? Be careful that your ambitions don’t lead you to serious physical exhaustion. If you become sick, you will be even more frustrated. So, be wise and take care of your own basic needs.

My horoscope gave me a reality check this morning so I am going to be taking a break from both my blogs. I plan at making at least one entry a week for the next three to four weeks and after that, I should be able to going back to making two to three entries a week.

I am going to be doing some training for at-home-work opportunity this week. I will be back in a few days to tell you all about it. I am also getting an admissions essay ready that is due in about two weeks. I have made a decision to work on Master’s Degree. So, wish me luck. I will let you all about that as well.

In addition to my already busy life of working a full-time job and taking care of my family, hosting four groups at Twitter Moms (you can check those out at my page), two blogs that I am passionate about, I am adding two new items to the plate. Feel free to make bets on how long it takes this Super Mom to break. Of course, my goal is to leave my full-time position and start working at home full-time, so I will update you on my progress and I will let you know when I am out of breath as well. See ya soon!


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