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Brothers – Part III-Where is Mama Hardy?

At WrestleMania 25, Matt and Jeff Hardy will finally face off in a match based on personal issues between the brothers. On last night’s SmackDown, Matt Hardy alluded that he may have been behind Jeff’s recent accidents, including an auto accident, an accident involving pyrotechnics at SmackDown, and a fire at Jeff’s home that killed his dog. In addition, Matt’s ill treatment of his brother- slapping him in the face when Jeff refused to fight, Matt disqualifying Jeff a Money in the Bank chance at WrestleMania –started when Matt cost Jeff the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble 2009 against Edge. However, watching the brothers as long as I have, you know that this has been escalating for some time. One wonders, where is Mama Hardy? After all, she is the only one that can put a stop to this. Maybe she will be a surprise guest at WrestleMania at which point she will take both of them by the ears and have a heart –to-heart mother of a lecture with the two of them. Most likely, it will not happen because Mama Hardy has nothing to do with WWE ratings.

The Hardy brothers came to the WWE as teenagers and for years, there has been friction between the two brothers. Matt was always picking up the slack for the younger Hardy and in recent weeks, Matt was starting to become resentful feeling that this played an important factor in his own success.
A little over a year ago, Matt had to leave the WWE to care for an injury and Jeff was suspended due to his own actions. That was also about the time that Jeff’s home burnt down. When the brothers returned, they headed into two different directions. Matt won the ECW Championship and began working to continue being a champion. Jeff hit some rough patches, but he was determined to be the World Champion, and overcame many obstacles to get there.
One year after Jeff set out on his quest to be the WWE champion, he was given his chance to fight for the WWE championship, but was unable to compete after he was attacked in a hallway at the Boston hotel he was staying. Jeff continued to resilient and at Armageddon 2008, Jeff finally achieved his dream and both Hardys were on their way to the top. After the attack at his hotel room, Jeff and his girlfriend were victims of a hit-and-run and Jeff was hospitalized after the pyrotechnics accident, leaving Jeff weary. No one knew who was responsible for these accidents even though there was speculation.
At Royal Rumble 2009, all of this success and resiliency came crashing down for both brothers. Matt had lost his ECW Championship weeks before and then lost his rematch at the Royal Rumble. Later that night, Jeff was competing in a No Disqualification Match against Edge with his WWE Championship at stake. When Matt come into the ring, everyone – Jeff, the refs, Vickie Guerrero, SmackDown Manager, and the audience – thought that Matt Hardy was coming to deal Vickie who was interfering in his brother’s match, but Matt stunned everyone by hitting Jeff with a steel chair, allowing Edge to get the three count. In one split second, Jeff’s dreams were shattered.
Last night, Jeff could no longer hold in his rage towards his older brother. He agreed to face Matt at WrestleMania. Now, the question remains whether Houston and WrestleMania can contain the storm that Matt Hardy has unleashed. Th predicted winner is Jeff, but I still hope Mama Hardy shows up at precisely the right moment and deals her boys on her own terms. After all, as my son puts it “brothers are supposed to take care of each other” and this is definitely a bad example.

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